The court dismissed TVN SA’s appeal against the penalty. The case concerns the series “Judge Anna Maria Wesołowska”

Luc Williams

By decision of July 26, 2013, the then chairman of the National Broadcasting Council, Jan Dworak, found that TVN SA had violated Art. 18 section 5 of the Broadcasting Act and § 5 section 2.3 and 4 point 4 of the then applicable regulation of the National Broadcasting Council of June 23, 2005, by disseminating four programs from the series “Judge Anna Maria Wesołowska” and imposed a fine on the broadcaster in the amount of PLN 100,000 – reminds the council.

“The episodes in question presented detailed, often drastic descriptions and reconstructions of rape and crime scenes (including the sexually motivated murder of a child). The materials contained examples of pathological behavior, aggression, cruelty and vulgarity, which, in the opinion of the authority, were too difficult for the perception of minor viewers under 16 years of age. years of age, from the point of view of their emotional, moral and intellectual maturity,” wrote the National Broadcasting Council in a statement on Monday. .

“Following the review by the Supreme Court, the Court of the Second Instance confirmed in the justification for the judgment (reference number VII AGa 691/19, justification of January 11, 2024) that the above-mentioned broadcasts showed violence, including sexual violence, and presented a primitive image of the world, both through the characters’ behavior and the vocabulary they use. All four episodes showed a one-sided and pathological image of interpersonal relationships and social events, and the intimate sphere of man was presented in a distorted, dehumanized form, using violence and domination,” reports the National Broadcasting Council.

The Court of Appeal in Warsaw (7th Commercial and Intellectual Property Division), 10 years after the decision by the Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council, Jan Dworak, to impose a penalty on TVN SA for violating the provisions established to protect minor viewers, dismissed TVN SA’s appeal. The Court’s decision is final.


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