Shell Polska under the microscope of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. If the allegations are confirmed, the company will face a fine of up to 10%. turnover

Luc Williams

In Monday's announcement UOKiK he said it aroused his doubts “Tuesdays and Thursdays with Shell V-Power” promotionaccording to which drivers could refuel on the mentioned days fuel at a reduced price. “Unfortunately, neither in marketing materialsnor was there any information about the station at the station lowest fuel price, which was in force for 30 days before the introduction of the reductions. Thus, consumers could not assess whether the promotion was beneficial to them,” the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection informed.

Promotion bypassing the Omnibus directive

It was added that the President of the Office brought charges against the company violating the collective interests of consumers.

The Office emphasized that information about the lowest price from 30 days before the reduction should appear next to information about the reduced price, and therefore wherever the entrepreneur announces discounts regarding a specific good or service, e.g. in marketing messages or at fuel pumps. If the allegations of violating consumers' collective interests are confirmed, Shell Polska may be fined up to 10%. turnover.

The customer must know whether he is not overpaying

“Proper marking of the promotion and meeting the information requirements arising from Omnibus directive also applies gas stations. We have been reminding the market about the new law for a year now. In the case of Shell, we questioned the lack of clear information on the fuel price that was in force before the network introduced discounts on designated days,” he said. president of the office, Tomasz Chróstnyquoted in the release.

The head of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection emphasized that fuel deals and discounts should be reliably communicated “because buyers want to know what the actual promotion conditions“.

What is the Omnibus Directive?

Omnibus Directive valid from January 1, 2023. The President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection is monitoring how entrepreneurs have adapted to the new obligations – he has brought charges against four entrepreneurs for incorrectly presenting promotions, he has issued over 70 soft speeches, and 14 explanatory proceedings regarding stationary stores are ongoing. Following the actions of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, a significant number of entrepreneurs corrected their current practices, it was reported.



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