They reveal what really happened during the Feminist March on March 8 in the Plaza de Bolívar

Luc Williams

On Friday, March 8, International Women's Day was commemorated, which remembers the women's fight for equality and the restoration of their rights. However, during the marches that took place in Bogotá there were some disturbances.

“The ESMAD began to harass the march around 5:00 p.m. The demonstration was completely peaceful. We arrived at the Plaza de Bolívar late at night. It was totally dark! ESMAD began to surround the demonstration. Some women start to feel afraid. The stun guns and gases began to sound. The protesters began to run everywhere looking for exits, we panicked,” he said.

Faced with these complaints, the senator of the Green Alliance, Jota Pe Hernández, spoke exclusively with and assured that some of the protesters were the protagonists of several excesses, emphasizing that these were recorded.

“This sit-in was divided into two groups, as was observed from the terrace of Congress. 80% were gathered towards Carrera 7 near a stage, where there was a DJ. “Those women were there singing, you could say, peacefully,” initially pointed out.

Then he declared: “But there was another group, 20% of the total number of people who came to the square, which was located on the eighth. In that corner, those women were doing what you see in the videos, which were recorded by themselves. “In the videos you can see how they attack and insult the uniformed officers.”

The congressman, in the same way, took advantage of the dialogue with this medium to show that in the midst of those tense moments the protesters set fire to one of the coexistence managers, who were there to protect them.

“We cannot validate that every March 8th women go out to destroy the city. It is not that material things are worth more, but because we demand rights we are not going to fail to fulfill our duties,” concluded the Santanderean.

Senator Hernández finally stressed that he does not disagree with women taking to the streets to demand their respective rights, but he reiterated that he does not agree with the disorders they caused in the main cities of the country.

Regarding this issue, President Gustavo Petro showed his rejection on his


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