Sowińska from MKiŚ: We are preparing an amendment to the security deposit act. The system is to be launched in 2025

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Deputy head of the Ministry of Climate and Environment When asked by journalists at Wednesday’s press conference, she confirmed that the ministry was working on it work on amending the provisions of the so-called the Deposit Act. However, she stipulated that this should be a “technical” change and should concern system operators.

“There will be an amendment to the (deposit – PAP) Act, but it will be (…) technical and related only to the issue of operators,” said the deputy head of the Ministry of Climate.

What is the amendment about?

She explained that it would be about them duties and this what documents they should submitand what the system control should look like.

Deposit system they will create entrepreneurs marketing packaged drinks. They will appoint an operator (representing entity) responsible for implementation and operation of the system. The provisions of the Deposit Act do not specify the number of such entities, therefore it is permissible possibility of creating several deposit systems.

Consultations regarding the novella

The deputy minister also announced that it was to be held on March 5 consultation meeting with the industryentrepreneurs, local government officials, trade representatives among others in this case and a broader amendment to the Bail Act.

Sowińska emphasized that she reminded that the deposit system is to start operating from January 1, 2025. She admitted that “it may happen that it will not be perfect from the very beginning, because the act requires some corrections.”

Less waste, more garbage to recycle

According to the rules, deposit system in Poland will start operating from 2025. His aim is to reducing the amount of mixed municipal waste collected by municipalities and increasing recycling levels. Large stores with an area of ​​over 200 square meters will have to collect empty packaging and return the depositwhile those with a smaller area will be able to join the system voluntarily. Unclaimed deposit will be allocated for financing of the deposit system. He has a deposit encourage the return of packagingand thus increase the quantity reused and recycled raw materials used to produce packaging.

Division of packaging by type

The system is to cover three packaging fractions: : plastic bottles up to 3 liters, reusable glass bottles up to 1.5 liters and metal cans up to 1 liter.

In accordance with the applicable regulation the deposit for these packages will be PLN 50.although some stakeholders postulate increasing it to at least PLN 1.

Will producers of goods pay for “future garbage”?

The representative of the Ministry of Culture and Environment also said that the ministry is working on the act to implement it extended producer responsibility (ROP). ROP is that producers of future waste bear in part or in full costs of their development. “Conceptual works are currently underway. There were various projects (regarding ROP – PAP). Unfortunately, they failed and I think they require major modification,” she added.

The deputy minister pointed out that ROP will be a very big change and will concern many regulations regarding, among others, batteries, textiles, biodegradable waste etc. “We really lack a way recycling financing. Municipal industry points out that at the moment implementation of the deposit system it may happen that there will be a shortage of money because part of the valuable raw material will disappear from this system,” she added.

Sowińska also announced the extension at Wednesday’s conference advisory team for systemic changes in waste management among others about the recycling industry, other non-governmental organizations and state institutes such as the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

Construction and demolition materials will be segregated

During the meeting of this team – the deputy minister reported – two topics were discussed. The first one was about regulations regarding the obligation to sort construction and demolition materials. It will enter into force on January 1, 2025 obligation to segregate this waste into fractions. The current wording of the regulations obliges entities to segregate construction and demolition waste at the place of generation (at source).

Representative of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage she noted that during the meeting the industry paid attention to logistical difficulties e.g. in tenement houses or small spaces. She recalled that the regulations included a solution that states: producer of e.g. demolition waste will be able to hand over waste to specialized companies under an appropriate contract.

The second topic was BDOThat is database on products and packaging and waste managementcommonly called waste database. Sowińska explained that the system is supposed to be extended with a reporting module. Such a request was submitted, among others, by: by voivodeship marshals. She added that s. is also to be modifiedaccount management system at BDO, which allows entities to issue appropriate permissions to users. Sowińska explained that the change will allow, for example, to limit access to the system to a given town.

author: Michał Boroń


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