Spanish farmers blocked highways. One of them leads to France

Luc Williams

Platform 6-F, which organizes the blockades, said that in protest at AP-7 highway around 400 farmers take part near the French border.

Barricades on the highway

Hi protesting farmers she joined before noon erecting barricades made of pallets and tires on the blocked route. Due to obstruction routes on AP-7 There was a queue of vehicles, mainly trucks, several kilometers long.

On Wednesday Spanish farmers they also block the highways in Andalusia, Extremaduraand also in Castile and Leonie. The biggest traffic disruptions prevail in the urban areas Seville, Cordoba, Grenada and Girona.

Seaport blockades

Several thousand farmers it also blocks seaports In Tarragona and in Motrilwhere on Wednesday morning protesters poured tomatoes onto the street as a sign protest against the policies of the Spanish government of Pedro Sanchez.

Demands of protesting farmers

For over a week, thousands of Spanish farmers have been calling on Sanchez’s cabinet financial assistance for the agricultural sectorbigger support for exporters of agricultural produceand reducing production costsespecially this one fuel price reduction.

Spanish farmers also oppose too submissive In their opinion European Commission policy towards suppliers of agricultural goods from outside the EUespecially with Morocco. They claim that the EC supports unfair competition and does not sufficiently protect European producers.

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