Survival guide at the Bonfire of Anáhuac Querétaro Survival guide at the Bonfire of Anáhuac Querétaro

Luc Williams

You may already know this, but one full university experience at the Universidad Anáhuac Querétaro It is lived, in many moments, outside the classroom. Between rehearsals for the singing festival and training before the soccer final, every minute we share with our friends and teammates reminds us that, at the end of the day, we are a single student community.

The Bonfire Anáhuac Querétaro It is a wonderful example of this spirit of unity, as it gives us the opportunity to meet and live moments of coexistence that will become unforgettable memories. With this year's Bonfire just around the corner, we invite you to take advantage of the activities we are organizing and join the Anáhuac Querétaro family.

How will the Bonfire be experienced this year?

Every year, at the Bonfire, we have the opportunity to see our closest friends, both those with whom we are not separated throughout the entire school day, as well as those in different careers. We all gather around the fire, yes, to share music, fun and foodbut also to celebrate our friendship and the value of our community by meeting new people.

This year, in addition to the common activities, the dynamics of integration, you will be able to participate in three very special activities: the design and decoration of tote bags according to your personal style, the game zone to challenge your friends in your favorite video games and the dynamics in which you can win prizesfrom AirPods to your own Nintendo Switch.

The Anáhuac Bonfire is also the perfect occasion to meet our entire community and get familiar with the campus in a more dynamic and relaxed way, at your own pace and without pressure.

“I met a good number of people who were already in Anáhuac, I also made friends with many who were just about to enter. I was also able to take the opportunity to tour the entire campus and get to know it better.”

Alejandro Baldini Meza (2nd semester of the Bachelor's Degree in Entertainment Business Management)

The living flame of Anáhuac Querétaro

This event not only represents a unique opportunity to meet our future students, but also for those who are already part of the student community to participate in the organization of high impact events. This experience is part of the comprehensive training that characterizes Anáhuac Querétaro and that contributes to the development of strategic skills, such as leadershipthe decision making and team management big.

“The truth is, it was super well organized and all the people were very friendly. I already half knew that I wanted to enter Anáhuac, but this warmth that was felt and seeing everyone there helped me make the final decision.”

María Mingui, second semester of the Bachelor's Degree in International Relations.

If something distinguishes us as an Anáhuac Querétaro community, it is that every moment we spend together transcends academics and becomes a fundamental part of all our lives. The Campfire is the perfect example that, integral formation what we offer is present in everything we do and is proof that The Anáhuac footprint is more alive than ever.

If you don't believe us, ask our students, who agree that being at Anáhuac “is much more than just studying and that it is precisely its human component that makes you feel much more confident that they will always support you.”

Join us and ignite your future

Have no doubt that this is your year for sbe part of the most united community from all over Querétaro. Our house is also yours.

Sign up to live this experience and stay tuned for our social networks to receive notifications and find out about all this year's events.


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