Tauron announces changes regarding meters

Luc Williams

As Tauron noted in Friday’s information, remote reading meters (VOC) are a key element of a smart energy grid, thanks to which customers will be able to benefit from, for example, dynamic tariffs, and energy companies will be able to, among others, easier to obtain measurement data.

The company reported that at the end of last year, remote reading meters were installed in over 1.14 million of its customers (19 percent of customers), and last year such meters were installed in customers newly connected to the network and in prosumers.

“In total, at the end of 2025, there will be approximately 2.1 million smart meters in Tauron Dystrybucja’s networks, which means that over 35 percent the company’s customers will be able to benefit from new opportunities for more efficient use of electricity,” the information stated.

It was noted that for Tauron customers, replacing meters means automatic, actual reading and the ability to control and plan energy consumption in the application.

In the application, the customer can analyze electricity consumption for a selected period and compare the consumption for a given day with the average value. Additionally, he can set goals for himself by specifying what level of energy consumption would be acceptable for him. Once this threshold is exceeded, the recipient receives a notification.

Meanwhile, Tauron Dystrybucja gains the ability to automatically obtain data on the operation of the power grid.

The company reported that its distribution company already has part of the volume of meters ready for installation this year, and at the same time, contracts for devices for the following years are in progress. The results of the last tender were announced in mid-December last year – the contract provides for the supply of meters for the needs of nine branches of the company with a planned installation date in 2024.

Tauron emphasizes that the meters it orders operate in various technologies, which allows it to become independent from one supplier.

In the third quarter of 2023, a procurement procedure was announced in the competitive dialogue mode for the purchase of a remote reading system (SZO) to operate remote reading meters using radio technology and on the power grid (PLC) and two tender procedures for the purchase of VOC using GSM/LTE communication technology for installations in 2024 and 2025.

Remote reading meters are to be operational by 2031 for all electricity consumers in Poland.

Tauron installed the most modern meters last year in Wrocław. The company is carrying out a mass legalization exchange of meters installed as part of the first and largest Smart City Wrocław pilot program in Poland. The program has included 360,000 installations since 2014. meters that currently require legal replacement.

Additionally, in Lower Silesia, the exchanges covered the areas of the Wrocław and Wałbrzych branches.

Tauron ensures that all exchanges are carried out by authorized representatives of its distribution company – employees of the company or cooperating companies. Fitters have name badges and ID cards. In many cases, the customer does not need to be present during the exchange: his presence is necessary if the measurement system is located inside the premises.

According to Grzegorz Marek, director of the sales department of distribution services at Tauron Dystrybucja, quoted in Friday’s announcement, the meters installed by this company come from domestic and foreign producers.

“Most importantly, all devices will meet the security requirements required by law in terms of protecting customer data and protecting acquired data. This prevents unauthorized software replacement, and access to all communication interfaces is only possible after authentication,” the specialist said.

“The communication itself is encrypted. In addition, remote reading meters are equipped with a mechanism that records security violations in the event log regarding access to all communication interfaces and physical access to the device,” explained Grzegorz Marek.

According to Tauron’s latest information, the replacement of electricity meters with remote reading meters is part of the company’s investments in power networks, which are expected to increase to PLN 3 billion this year, compared to PLN 2.77 billion in 2023. The funds go to connect new customers, in including renewable energy, as well as modernization and reconstruction of the network.

February 6 this year Tauron detailed that this year it is planned to connect approx. 45,000 new customers, as well as the expansion and improvement of the power grid, including improved flexibility and automation of the network. An important project continued this year is the replacement of electricity meters with remote reading meters.


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