Techland’s financial rollercoaster ride. What’s happening with the producer of the cult game “Dying Light”?

Luc Williams

Big gain and big loss

One of the largest domestic game producers A year ago, it generated PLN 1.12 billion in revenue and PLN 746.8 million in net profit. Such results made the Wrocław-based company the country’s number one in terms of both profit and revenue. The record results were the result of the premiere of the game “Dying Light 2” released in February 2022, the sales of which exceeded 5 million units in the first month. However, after a record year and the entry of the Chinese investor Techland, the company scored another record: closed last year with a loss of over PLN 90 million – reports in the Friday edition of “Puls Biznesu”.

“This is the highest loss in the company’s history and most likely the worst result last year among Polish game producers,” the newspaper pointed out. It added that the Wrocław-based company’s revenues fell nearly fivefold in 2023, from PLN 1.12 billion to PLN 229.1 million.

Good financial situation

However, according to information provided by “PB”, despite the loss recorded in 2023, the company’s management board assesses its financial situation well and ensures that it allows for further development of the business.

“Revenues generated from previously produced games ensure further implementation of ongoing projects. The life cycle of video games, characterized by high revenues at the time of the release of a new game and at the time of introducing significant expansions (DLC) or improved versions (enhanced editions) to the market, causes significant fluctuations in profitability in individual years,” the management board said in a commentary quoted in “PB”.

As reported by the daily, the company is working on another big game. “It will be a fantasy RPG with an open world based on the studio’s own IP. The expenditure incurred last year on the new IP amounted to PLN 24.6 million, and the cumulative expenditure amounts to PLN 96.5 million. The details of the production remain a secret. The company declares that its goal is to create an original game with new gameplay elements,” we read.


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