Tesla wants to revolutionize the compact electric car segment. Will he do it thanks to Redwood?

Luc Williams

With an expected starting price of PLN 25,000. dollars “Redwood” has a chance to break the price barrier and convince people to… electric cars a wider range of customers. But empowerment Tesla in the segment of compact electric cars is not only an opportunity to increase sales, but also to implement the company’s broader strategy, which aims to democratize sustainable mobility. This assumption is consistent with Tesla’s long-term vision, in which electric cars will become the main means of transportation for people around the world.

Other premieres in progress

Ambitious plans led by Elon Musk companies go beyond the “Redwood” model. Tesla also intends to launch an affordable version of a “robotic” taxi and another electric car.

The electric car maker plans to expand its global presence by building new manufacturing plants in Berlin, Germany and India. The strategic location of these factories will allow Tesla to better adapt to the growing demand for electric cars in these regions. However, Tesla’s existing manufacturing centers in Shanghai, China, and Fremont, California, will continue to play a key role in producing vehicles for global markets.

How to defeat the Chinese?

The new e-car models are intended to allow Tesla to compete with cheaper gasoline-powered cars and the growing number of affordable electric vehicles, such as those produced by China’s BYD. BYD overtook Tesla as the global leader in electric vehicle production in the last quarter of 2023.

Musk originally announced the construction of a car for PLN 25,000. dollars in 2020, but later the project was shelved. Now it’s apparently back. Tesla’s currently cheapest offering, a sedan Model 3, costs approximately PLN 39,000 in the USA. dollars.

Unfulfilled promises from the past

Tesla has a history of failing to meet launch and price deadlines, and it will take some time to achieve the appropriate scale of production. Production Cybertruck was delayed and is still developing slowly, and its starting price in the US of $60,990 is as much as 50 percent. higher than what Musk announced in 2019. Mass production will probably start only in 2026.

Last year, the billionaire said the affordable model would initially be produced at a factory in Texas.

Market observers also add that making money on cheaper electric vehicles will be difficult, given battery costs and the traditional difficulties of producing high-quality vehicles at an affordable price.


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