“The arrival of Juan Fernando Cristo is to ‘tie up the madman’ and not let Petro continue doing whatever he wants”

Luc Williams

In the space of, the congresswoman was emphatic in saying that The arrival of Cristo to the Petro Government configures the landing of “one of the strongest bishops of Samper-Santismo.”

“That is what guarantees the regime is the ability to tie up the madman,” that is, “not letting Petro continue doing whatever he wants.”“Only to serve the regime, which is what these professional politicians serve,” Cabal said.

Cabal then anticipated that “The constituent assembly will evaporate over time”“That is a blessing, but the sad thing is that we have to thank the regime that brought us to this point,” he noted.

“(…) Let us not be convinced by these siren songs, because they will continue to negotiate the lives of others, which do not matter to them, while their great interests will remain intact,” stressed the senator of the Democratic Center.

“These scoundrels who believe that the Constitution is a diary or a sheet of paper that is torn every time emotions change or madness becomes obsessive, well, they have to understand what the president of the Constitutional Court has said. This is not a game. Constitutions exist in the world as a social contract that gives citizens guarantees to bind the governments in power to have freedoms; It is not the chain for governments to tie down citizens who want to be free.“, Cabal sentenced in the space of

Finally, Senator María Fernanda Cabal said that she does not see a possible national agreement with Petro. To support her point, she listed what the president would seek with this figure.

“I propose to Juan Fernando Cristo that the national agreement prohibit any leader or president from exposing Colombians to being left without the exploitation and exploration of their natural resources that serve to improve their lives. It is prohibited to put the country’s energy security at risk (…).” These are the issues, otherwise I don’t buy any of the garbage that the regime wants, today allied with Petro because the madman went mad and they had to get him back on track.“, Cabal added in the space of


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