The clamorous plea to President Petro; They “cry out” to him not to forget Cauca

Luc Williams

A strong wave of violence is currently being recorded in the southwest of Colombia, as a result of the constant attacks and terrorist attacks carried out against the civilian population by the FARC dissidents, commanded by alias Iván Mordisco.

“The armed conflict that we experience in our department is very painful. It is a conflict that has been going on for decades, where millions of people have died. In this last semester, we have assisted nearly 400 displaced families. Cauca is a scene of sadness, where there are numerous belts of misery”, initially indicated.

Then he declared: “We are crying out for the national government to set up a dialogue table, just as there is one in the department of Nariño. We have been talking with the governor and other mayors to ask the Government, through a march, to install a permanent dialogue table in Popayán. “We want the conflict to be de-escalated, since many lives are being lost.”

The president took advantage of the dialogue with this media to emphasize that the violence in that region must stop, pointing out that President Petro's administration cannot allow members of the Armed Forces to continue being murdered.

Muñoz also participated this Monday, June 17, in the meeting of the Association of Capital Cities (Asocapitales), which took place in Bogotá. The mayor was emphatic in saying that the blockades on the Pan-American Highway are cruel to the region's economy, since it is based on the production of perishable goods such as dairy or agricultural products.

The president finally reiterated that mobility, food security, work and access to public services are being put at risk due to the serious security situation they face and the exercise of social protest, which cannot be used as a mechanism. depression.

“They are no longer complaints from peasant or indigenous associations, it has become a constant behavior. When the road is covered, nearly 3,600 vehicles and 25 million kilos of merchandise are no longer transported. “Large industries have withdrawn from our region, such as Alpina and Bavaria,” the official noted.


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