The crisis in agriculture threatens farms?

Luc Williams

“Today we are facing an unprecedented crisis that threatens the physical survival of our farms. Polish and EU agricultural markets are flooded with agri-food products from Ukraine. We are not able to compete honestly with Ukrainian ones agro-holdingamand which can produce without meeting many expensive EU standards,” we read in the appeal Federation of Branch Associations of Agricultural Producers sent to PAP on Wednesday.

The protest is on Friday

On behalf of the Federation of Branch Associations of Agricultural Producers, president Marian Sikora called on all farmers to participate on February 9 this year. in a nationwide protest. “The situation in agriculture forces us to take matters into our own hands again,” he wrote.

“Actions European Commissionas above on the establishment of security mechanisms in trade with Ukraine are delayed and insufficient. It is necessary to establish rules that will stop the uncontrolled inflow of cereals, poultry meat, eggs, sugar and other goods,” said the Federation.

Green Deal and CAP to be amended

We do not agree to many provisions European Green Deal. No one denies the need to protect the climate, but the ideas of Brussels officials question the sense of conducting agricultural activities.

In the opinion of the Federation, “simplification is necessary Common Agricultural Policy and abolishing absurd environmental requirements that will in no way meet the expected goals. Therefore, we demand the abandonment of the so-called conditionality standardsi.e. GAEC 6, 7 and 8.”

“It is also necessary to revise the new rules of the Common Agricultural Policy, which led to a reduction in the basic direct payment. We do not agree to make the payment of a significant part of EU subsidies conditional on meeting unnecessary agri-environmental-climate requirements,” it was written in the appeal.

The Federation also protests against treating livestock breeders as industrial installations and imposing financial and administrative burdens on them.

Agricultural producers believe that “changes are necessary in the budget of the Common Agricultural Policy towards increasing financing of the second pillar of the CAP for investments in climate protection, animal welfare and sustainable and precision agriculture. A separate item in the EU budget should also be adopted for crisis interventions related to climate disasters. , epidemics and the effects of war. (PAP)

author: Anna Wysoczańska


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