They air “personal interest”, which the president’s own family exposed, for which Petro “seeks to pressure” the Court

Luc Williams

Moments of considerable tension were experienced this Thursday outside the Palace of Justice, after the judges of the Supreme Court were besieged inside the premises, as dozens of protesters blocked the access to the place in the middle of the marches.

“I have to inform the country that we are meeting under normal conditions. We advanced the round of voting for the election of the new attorney general of the nation, we did two rounds of voting and the final result is that none of the candidates, for the moment, obtained the votes required to be declared as the new attorney general of the nation”, Gerson Chaverra, president of the Court.

Miguel Uribe Turbay, senator of the Democratic Center, analyzed in Vicky en SEMANA this type of pressure that the National Government, led by President Gustavo Petro, is exerting so that the Supreme Court of Justice quickly chooses Francisco Barbosa’s successor.

Likewise, the opposition leader stressed in this medium that the Cordoba president has a “personal interest” so that the investigative entity changes its head as soon as possible. Likewise, he recalled that everything is related to the process that is currently taking place against his son Nicolás Petro Burgos.

“I want to emphasize one thing. Here there is a very very personal interest of Gustavo Petro. Eye! All the investigations that the Prosecutor’s Office has been carrying out, first they were not carried out ex officio and secondly they were not done because of gossip from the opposition. “He did it because his ex-daughter-in-law betrayed his son, who confessed to money laundering and illicit enrichment,” the congressman noted.

Then he declared: “What Petro’s followers expect is that the Prosecutor’s Office does not investigate, since it is obvious what it has to investigate. They are his close officials, they are his campaign directors and all the new information that is available about the irregular financing of his campaign, that has to be investigated, whether they like it or not. “What Petro wants is to divert attention.”

Uribe Turbay listed a few days ago in SEMANA all the scandals that the Petro administration has had in less than two years. Furthermore, he recalled that many of these have been confessed by his own relatives or people close to him, which is why he insisted that he failed as a ruler.

It should be remembered that the marches that took place this Thursday in different cities of the country were promoted by the Colombian Federation of Educators (Fecode), which was joined by the Central Unit of Workers (UCT) and officials of the National Learning Service (Sign).


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