The European Commission will monitor Platform X. This is a controversial decision

Luc Williams

The social media platform announced that it is changing its policy on publishing content – including formally allowing users to publish pornographic content, provided that it is produced and distributed with mutual consent, appropriately marked and not displayed in a visible place, e.g. in the user's profile photo.

Adult material was previously available on the platform

“We believe that users should be able to create, distribute, and use sexual material as long as it is created and distributed consensually. Sexual expression, both visual and written, can be a legitimate form of artistic expression,” it said. statement published on the website of the company owned by billionaire Elon Musk.

Thomas Regnier, the European Commission's spokesman for digitization, commented on the matter during Wednesday's briefing, admitting that adult materials had previously been available on the platform. However, they were not regulated by any website policy. What has changed now is their formalization and the way they are marked – now they will be marked as “adult content”.

Regnier added, however, that the EC intends to monitor the compliance of Measure X with the provisions of the EU Digital Services Act (DSA). Especially since – in accordance with EU regulations – X has been classified as a very large platform, i.e. with at least 45 million monthly active users in the EU. This obliges the company to comply with more restrictive regulations.

“Several provisions of the DSA apply here. X will, of course, have to assess all possible risks associated with its services and their impact on users, including those relating to the publication of pornographic content. The platform must also take appropriate actions to minimize these risks, such as preventing violence against women or the potential harm to which this type of content may expose minors,” the spokesman said.

The EC has already initiated formal proceedings against X for violating digital regulations

When it comes to children, X, like all other platforms operating in the EU, must ensure that their privacy and safety online are fully protected. “Let's say it very clearly: our children should not have access to pornographic content on X,” Regnier said.

He added that if we are talking about illegal content, including pornographic content, such as materials showing the abuse of minors or deep fakes, i.e. generated by artificial intelligence, they are banned in the EU and when they are reported to the platform, it must immediately remove them . The EC has already initiated formal proceedings against X for violating digital regulations. It concerns allegations of failure to comply with the risk assessment obligation and dissemination of illegal content.

When the Commission suspects violations of the DSA, it sends a formal request for clarification to the platform; if it considers them insufficient, it may initiate formal proceedings. Proceedings are currently underway under the DSA, including: towards Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, TikTok, X and AliExpress. Companies are subject to fines for violating the provisions of the Act, including financial penalties of up to 6%. the company's total global turnover and, as a last resort, even a temporary suspension of the platform's operation in the EU.

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