The supervisory board of ElectroMobility Poland dismissed the president. What's next for Izera?

Luc Williams

“As of June 5, the supervisory board of ElectroMobility Poland SA decided to dismiss Piotr Regulski from the position of president of the company's management board,” the company announced on Wednesday. Paweł Poneta, a member of the Supervisory Board of EMP, was delegated to temporarily perform the duties of the President of the Company's Management Board and will hold this position until a new president is appointed. It was indicated that Sławomir Bekier remained on the company's management board – as Member of the Management Board for Finance.

The majority shareholder is the State Treasury

Paweł Poneta is the president of Tauron Inwestycje Sp. z o. o. Since 2014, he has worked at Tauron Polska Energia SA, among others: as Executive Director of Research and Innovation. “He is an experienced leader in the field of research, development and innovation with almost 20 years of experience in the industry. He has completed over 50 research, development and innovation projects, both at the national and international level,” the release said.

Piotr Regulski, who was dismissed on Wednesday, had been the president of ElectroMobility Poland since May 20 this year. ElectroMobility Poland SA was established in October 2016 as a company of four state-controlled energy concerns: PGE, Energa, Enea and Tauron. Currently, the majority shareholder is the State Treasury, which holds 90.8 percent. shares; the remaining shareholders, i.e. PGE, Enea, Turon and Energa, controlled by Orlen, have 2.3% each. shares. The company's task is to prepare the production of Izera electric cars.

In March this year EMP has chosen the general contractor of the Izera factory – Mirbud. The parties signed a letter of intent conditioning the signing of the agreement on obtaining corporate approvals by EMP. The cooperation is to be confirmed by a separate general contracting agreement for the investment after EMP obtains corporate approvals. According to EMP, the selection of the general contractor and the signing of appropriate contracts would enable the launch of mass production of cars by mid-2026. So far, the company has declared the launch of production of the Polish electric car in December 2025, and sales – in 2026. In May 2024, the Mayor of Jaworzno issued a permit to EMP for construction of the Jizera production plant.


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