The government is preparing relief for entrepreneurs. The health insurance premium may be reduced by up to half

Luc Williams

Currently, the calculation rules health insurance premium are very complicated. Entrepreneurs are divided into several groups, and their contributions depend on which of them they belong to. For some, this means that they have to pay much more than before the so-called reform of the “Polish Order”.

Let’s do it as it was?

One of the variants being considered by the government assumes a return to the rules from before the “Polish Order”. Back then, the entrepreneur paid a health insurance premium of 75%. average salary in the enterprise sector. It did not matter how he settled his accounts with the tax office.

If this variant is introduced, lump-sum entrepreneurs with an income of over PLN 300,000 PLN a year they would gain about PLN 900 a month. Linear and lump-sum workers, in turn – approx. PLN 400 every month.

Everyone on a lump sum of 60 percent?

Another solution that is being taken into account is the introduction of a flat-rate health insurance contribution for all enterprises, starting from 60%. average salary and without the possibility of deductions. Then everyone would pay a contribution of approximately PLN 430 per month.

Both of these solutions would mean a reduction in revenues to the budget of the National Health Fund. The first solution would reduce the National Health Fund budget by PLN 7 billion. The second one would have less impact and would cost the Fund approximately PLN 2 billion. According to the analyses, even the most favorable solution for entrepreneurs, i.e. a return to the principles before the PiS reform, will not be too burdensome for the state budget.

Many factors will determine which solution is ultimately chosen. One of them is whether KO will be able to find a compromise with the Left.


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