The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management recommends caution when purchasing heat pumps. It's worth waiting for a certain list

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April 22 this year changes to the program will come into forceClean Air“, according to which subsidies will be limited only to pumpwarm and wood gasification and pellet boilerswhich will be on UTI list (list of green equipment and materials). However, there will be a transitional period until June 13, during which producers and distributors who take over the manufacturer's responsibilities when introducing the product to the Polish market will have to complete the necessary documentation and tests for the heating devices they offer. After June 13, it will not be possible to receive subsidies from “Clean Air” for heat pumps that are not on the UTI list.

Institute of Environmental Protection (IOŚ-PIB), which maintains the list of green devices and materials, recently informed in response to PAP's questions that there are currently approximately 800 producers and distributors of heating devices and building materials registered on the UTI list, of which 40 percent offers heat pumps.

The number of applications for pre-financed grants is growing rapidly

National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management) informed, in turn, that in recent weeks – after announcing changes regarding heat pumps – the number of applications submitted by representatives for grant with pre-financing (with advance payment for the contractor), only for heat pumps – without thermal modernization. This – as the Fund warns – is a signal that in recent weeks, applicants and beneficiaries of “Clean Air” may be exposed to unfair practices.

The Fund reported that within six weeks (February 17 – March 29), sixteen provincial environmental protection funds received PLN 33.7 thousand. electronic applications for a subsidy for the replacement of a heat source, including 1,739 which concerned only heat pumps, without thermal modernization of the building, and were submitted through a proxy for a pre-financed subsidy. It was noted that in the same period last year, the share of electronic applications only for heat pumps was much lower and amounted to 24.7 thousand respectively. and 481 applications.

“Recent weeks show that the closer we get to closing the list of green devices and materials, the more applications under the Clean Air+ program are made by intermediaries, and only for subsidies for heat pumps – often substandard, without thermal modernization of the building. This will be felt in the wallets of those who they are exposed to high heating bills in an uninsulated house,” said the vice-president of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in a comment for PAP. Robert Gajda.

You have to be careful because there are a lot of dishonest suppliers

The National Fund warns potential beneficiaries and calls for caution when purchasing heat pumps in connection with the verification of the UTI list.

“Those interested in subsidies from the +Clean Air+ program – choosing at their own risk a supplier and installation company dealing with the replacement of the heat source – should be careful, especially if someone knocks on their door and offers something +for free+. In fact, it may turn out to be unfair a contractor who offers low-quality services and products at inflated prices,” it was emphasized.

It was added that a potential beneficiary should be vigilant if a company representative presents a power of attorney under “Clean Air” and does not give the opportunity to calmly read the terms of the contract. “By signing such a power of attorney, you give someone the right to manage the granted subsidy,” it was recalled.

The deputy head of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management also advises that if the beneficiary is interested in purchasing a heat pump and receiving a subsidy from the Fund for this purpose, he or she should consult an energy advisor in the commune about the proposed solution. It also recommends looking for information about the device you want to install on the Internet. It is best – according to Gajda – to also decide on an energy audit, which will indicate the actual needs of each home. He reminded that for such a purpose it is possible to receive a subsidy from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

It's best to wait until June 14

“If we choose a heat pump, it is safest to make purchases after June 13, when only devices of proven quality will be on the UTI list,” added vice-president Robert Gajda.

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management reminded that changes in “Clean Air” related to heat pumps are one of the ways to protect beneficiaries from purchasing and installing devices that do not meet the parameters declared in the product card and energy label.

It was added that you can now apply for a “Clean Air” subsidy by planning to purchase and install the device after June 13.

The legal changes were approved in February

At the end of February 2024, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management made a decision on changes in “Clean Air”, which concerned the co-financing of heat pumps. Experts and the industry pointed out that the Polish market offers many heat pumps manufactured in Asia that do not meet the requirements and do not correspond to the technical parameters described. At the beginning of September last year The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management pointed out that dishonest sellers take advantage of the funding for these devices offered by the fund.

The industry also indicated that buyers of heat pumps have difficulty distinguishing high-quality devices, e.g. manufactured in Poland by a Polish manufacturer, from Chinese ones that may not meet the requirements. (PAP)

author: Michał Boroń


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