Be careful: Icetex announced capital forgiveness and payment agreements, who will be able to apply?

Luc Williams

Icetex announced this Tuesday, April 9, a plan that includes capital forgiveness and payment agreements for its users.

Firstly, the entity stated that it will be able to forgive part of the loans of nearly 56,000 Colombians who, as of December 31, 2023, had their portfolio registered as written off for being more than 360 days late in their payment.

“This is a benefit for these people who, due to multiple situations, have not been able to normalize their situation for a long time. It is a unique opportunity with limited time until October 8 of this year,” Abadía added.

On the entity's web portal (, people can verify if they are part of this plan.

Icetex pointed out that this measure will also apply to Colombians who have a portfolio in arrears of more than 361 days of credits granted through the funds managed by the entity, in which the financing entity authorizes its application.

Remission of interest for those who normalize their credit through the solutions day

On the other hand, for citizens who are between 31 and 360 days late in paying their credit, the entity will hold a solutions day between April 8 and May 8 in order for them to normalize their portfolio.

For these days, Icetex has targeted 87,000 people in default who do not have a written-off portfolio so that they can reach their payment agreement with the entity and, by fulfilling this commitment, obtain special benefits such as the forgiveness of up to all current interest due. and arrears, and updating reports in risk centers.

The day also applies to young people who have an obligation to pay loans through funds managed by Icetex and who adhere to the Institute's collection policies.

It is worth noting that Icetex has a total balance of 777,000 million pesos in written-off portfolio, of which 531,000 million pesos represent capital.

Regarding the delinquent portfolio targeted for the Day of Solutions, the overdue balance of these prioritized beneficiaries is 309,000 million pesos that wait to be forgiven with the payment of the agreements that are reached.

Coming soon: benefits for those with excellent payment behavior

Icetex recalled that to recognize the timely payment of its credit beneficiaries, it decided at the beginning of this year that during 2024, those who are in the payment period (amortization) and are up to date with their credit have an interest rate two points lower than the people who are in default. “Thus, being up to date with credit means having a rate of CPI + 2%, while being in default represents a rate of CPI + 4%,” he added.

Additionally, starting in the second half of this year, beneficiaries who have paid each of the last 12 installments in advance of the payment deadline of each month, may agree with Icetex to prepay the balance of their credit in a single installment and obtain, with the commitment fulfilled, the forgiveness of a part of your capital, a historic measure that especially benefits users due to their good payment behavior.


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