The number of radio listeners has decreased (SURVEY)

Luc Williams

Published on the website National Media Institute the report presents the average results of the annual measurement, which are compared with the results from 2022. It presents radio range, and also discusses changes in the way we listen to it. Summarizes the results of radio groups and individual stations.

The station achieved the best listenership result in 2023 Rmf fm – approximately 17.9% listened to it daily. recipients. Next in the ranking are: Radio Zet (9.8 percent, increase by 0.4), Eska radio (5.3 percent, decrease by 0.8), One PR (4.7%) i Auditorium 17 (3.7%).

The leader of the ranking remains the RMF Group (Rmf fm, RMF MAXX, RMF Classic, RMF24, Radio GRA), however, its result decreased compared to last year by approximately 2%. The position of the Eurozet Group has strengthened (Radio ZET, TOK FM, Radio Złote Przeboje, Radio Plus, Antyradio, Radio Pogoda, Meloradio, Rock Radio, Chillizet), Polish Radio results (Program 1 PR, FP2 program, FP3 program, PR24) remained unchanged compared to 2022, remaining at 7 percent; Auditorium 17, which includes 23 local PR stations, recorded a result of 3.7%. (down from 3.8).

Research shows that the radio audience in Poland averages 18.1 million listeners a day. The number of recipients is decreasing – in 2022 it was 20.1 million. Listeners remain loyal to one station, it is written in a document posted on the KIM website, they spend just over 3 hours a day on the receivers, the same as in 2022.

“Radio is most popular among people aged 30 to 64” – we read – “Higher reach is observed among professionally active people. People with secondary or higher education and those who drive cars listen to the radio relatively more often.” Car radios have overtaken home receivers as the most popular listening device, followed by mobile phones and televisions. The radio's greatest listenership is in the morning hours. (PAP)


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