The story of Carlos Loret, brave journalist from Mexico. He has uncovered the corruption of President AMLO, they have defamed him and sued him

Luc Williams

Carlos Loret de Mola, without a doubt, is currently considered one of the bravest journalists that Mexico has, since he has faced head-on and without fear the president of that nation, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

The renowned presenter spoke exclusively with this Thursday, February 29, and told how AMLO’s closest environment has attacked and harassed him in recent months. However, he pointed out that a true journalist should never be lukewarm.

“You don’t become a journalist to be lukewarm. “What we have done is to reveal how Andrés Manuel López Obrador has become the leader of a corrupt and immensely powerful mafia in Mexico, after coming to power with the banner of anti-corruption,” initially stated.

Although he admitted that his work and personal life has been affected, Loret de Mola pointed out that he continues to do his job and that there is less and less time left for the president to leave office, since this year there are elections in Mexico.

Carlos also took advantage of the dialogue with this medium to tell how he came to the digital world, after working more than 20 years in television and radio. Likewise, he pointed out that this has allowed him to have more freedom of expression and uncover the darkest cases of corruption in the family of the head of state.

“The decline of López Obrador is approaching, but we had to start when he had 90% approval and looked invincible. Many of the things he did had personal and professional consequences. But here we are, he is going to leave in 7 months and we are going to stay”he added.

Then, he stated: “There they have no control or how to pressure, because it is not a concession. The truth has been a fascinating experience, I thought my career was over when I left television, in what was considered AMLO’s first attack against the press. The digital audience is growing, while that of traditional media is decreasing.”

The brave journalist finally spoke about the incredible similarities between the cases of AMLO, in Mexico, and President Gustavo Petro, in Colombia, who has also been involved in several scandals, mainly by people close to him.

“Here the prosecutor is an employee of the president and does not touch his children or the cabinet. All this remains in the media arena. “These populist presidents, like López Obrador and Petro, create a parallel reality and play the victims,” concluded Carlos Loret de Mola.


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