The tragic consequences of a hot summer. Greece fights fires

Luc Williams

According to Bloomberg, Wednesday, a high or very high fire hazard level applies in half of Greece. According to forecasts for the coming week in part of the continent the temperature will reach 43°C. In addition to Greece, fires are also burning in Albania and Romaniawhere a 120-year-old pine forest is under threat.

The risk of fires has always been a concern throughout the Mediterranean region, but global warming and the associated extremely high temperature will increase this threat.

2024 will be the warmest year on record

Climate change is making it 2024 will be the warmest year on record. Death tolls from extreme weather events are rising from India and Saudi Arabia to the United States and Japan.

Like Greece, other parts of the Mediterranean are facing a serious risk of fires. Temperatures are set to reach 40°C in Sicily and southern Italy this weekend. Heat warnings are in place in many parts of Spain, especially in the south of the country, according to the AEMET forecaster.

The next two weeks will be warmer than usual

According to Weather Services International Warmer than usual conditions are expected across Europe over the next two weekswith temperatures in central regions expected to be particularly high compared to the 30-year norm.

In Switzerland, where heavy rains in recent weeks have triggered deadly floods and landslides, minimum temperatures in some places around Lake Geneva rose above 22°C last night. In Zurich, the average temperature is forecast to rise to 24°C on July 16, 5 degrees above the 30-year norm.


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