The value of debts in this industry reaches PLN 2.34 billion. KRD analysis

Luc Williams

According to KRD, the main problems of the trade industry are high employment costs, payment backlogs and difficulties in access to financing.

Currently, 61.5 thousand people have serious problems with repaying their financial liabilities. companies from the trade industry

The analysis of the National Debt Register shows that the highest debts are recorded by food wholesalers and general stores. The average debt of one company is PLN 38,000. PLN, and commercial enterprises must recover PLN 1 billion from their debtors.

KRD reminds that according to the Central Statistical Office data, the economic situation for retail trade in February 2024 was -15.1 (in January -8.3), and for wholesale -2.9 (in January -4.1).

“It is therefore clear that the current situation is less favorable in retail sales. Trade economic conditions refer to the current economic situation characterized by demand for goods and services, which in turn affects the level of sales, prices and overall economic activity in the trade sector. It may be defined as good when demand and sales are high, which usually leads to economic growth, or as bad when demand and sales decline, which may lead to economic slowdown,” it added.

It was added that last year, commercial companies collected a record number of almost 53,000 from the BIG National Debt Register. economic reports about its clients and contractors, half of which in the fourth quarter alone. Currently, 61.5 thousand people have serious problems with repaying their financial liabilities. companies from the trade industry.

According to KRD, of the total wholesale and retail debt of PLN 2.34 billion, the largest amount, PLN 1.11 billion, belongs to wholesalers. There are nearly 20,000 people in this group. entrepreneurs, including the record holder from the Greater Poland Voivodeship, who has 116 overdue financial liabilities amounting to almost PLN 13 million. In terms of the type of business, the largest debts belong to the wholesalers of food, beverages and tobacco products – PLN 194 million.

The majority of the trade industry's debt belongs to sole proprietorships

In turn, retailers had arrears of PLN 880 million. There are nearly 30,000 of them. companies. The largest part of this amount – PLN 228.8 million, has to be repaid by PLN 8.5 thousand. owners of non-specialized stores selling various types of goods.

It was added that wholesale and retail trade in motor vehicles generated PLN 353 million of debts. This amount consists of PLN 47.6 thousand. overdue financial liabilities that were not paid by 11.8 thousand debtors.

According to KRD, most of the debt of the trade sector, at least PLN 1.29 billion, belongs to sole proprietorships, 41,000 people have them. commercial micro-enterprises. There is over PLN 35,000 to be repaid per micro-entrepreneur. zloty. The rest, i.e. PLN 1.055 billion, belongs to 20.6 thousand people. commercial law companies. The average debt in this group is over PLN 51,000. zloty.

Trading companies owe PLN 1.7 billion to financial institutions (banks, leasing companies, insurance companies and debt collection companies). PLN 280 million is the mutual debt of the industry, and PLN 100 million is the total debt to the IT sector.

The trade industry also has its debtors, from whom it is trying to recover PLN 967 million. In addition to other trading companies that owe PLN 280 million to their colleagues, construction companies have to return the second largest amount to traders (PLN 236 million), and the third place is closed by the TSL industry (transport, forwarding, logistics), which owes PLN 120 million.

author: Łukasz Pawłowski


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