Price war between discount stores: Poles want even lower prices before Christmas

Luc Williams

More than half (55.5%) of the population expects an intensified price fight between discount stores to be able to do this year's Christmas shopping as cheaply as possible, according to a study by UCE Research and the Offerista Group. Among them, 28.3% rather hope for it, and 27.2% definitely expect it.

“This result should not surprise anyone. Domestic consumers have always expected it best prices. Poles usually assume that retail chains should compete with each other for their attention. However, the fact that more than half of the society expects this from discount stores is mainly due to the fact that their compatriots still live in the shadow savings. And even though inflation has slowed down significantly, they want, and often even have to, tighten their belts further. In my opinion, this situation will continue for a long time, at least until inflation stabilizes. But this is not certain either, because consumers will expect more even in better times price warsonly their supporters will be slightly fewer than now,” said Robert Biegaj, co-author of the study and retail market expert from the Offerista Group, quoted in the release.

Which customers want the price war to intensify?

Poles aged 45-55 and 35-44 are most counting on an intensified fight. This especially applies to people earning in three amounts, i.e. less than PLN 1,000 net per month, PLN 1,000-2,999 and PLN 5,000-6,999. Mostly, these are residents of cities with at least 500,000 inhabitants. population and 100-199 thousand people, it was also indicated.

In turn, 22.1% of respondents do not expect the above. scenario. He probably doesn't expect it price fight 14.5% of respondents, and 7.6% of respondents definitely do not count on it. However, 14.2% of survey participants have no opinion on this matter. Additionally, 8.2% of Poles do not care about this topic at all.

The war between discount stores will change the formula

“I don't think any chain will give up this type of activity. Over time, the fight may take on a new face, because the current formula will simply run out, i.e. customers will stop noticing it so much. However, the activities will continue, only in a different form, maybe even more severe than we are seeing now,” Biegaj added.

Experts from UCE Research say that a price war usually leads to two scenarios on the market, which are stages of this type of competition. In the first case, consumers win for some time because they do it cheaper shopping. In the second network variant they lower pricesbut only some groups of goodswhich then they promote heavily. The remaining prices are rather normal or slightly overpricedto compensate for losses.

The survey was conducted on March 13-14, 2024 using the CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) method by UCE Research and the Offerista Group on a sample of 1,007 adult Poles.



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