The worrying attitudes of President Petro for which they say he would stay in power and scare more than one

Luc Williams

President Gustavo Petro surprised all Colombians last week and issued a strong warning from Puerto Resistencia, in the center of Cali, emphasizing that If the social reforms are not approved in the Congress of the Republic, a National Constituent Assembly will be convened.

Likewise, Germán Vargas Lleras delved even further into the controversy that was generated in the country, since he announced that he supports this initiative and revealed that he is willing to participate in the mechanism. The former vice president explained why he would accept the Constituent Assembly of Cordoba.

“If the constituent assembly is called, Yes, I intend to be part of it. I would have a lot to contribute and above all a lot to question. I am sure that the vast majority of Colombians share the idea that this country is not going in the right direction. “If it is necessary for this proposal from the president to come to fruition, it is welcome, let us not be afraid of it,” indicated Vargas Lleras.

The statements of the Cambio Radical leader sparked another debate in Colombia. Carolina Arbeláez, representative of that community, spoke exclusively this Wednesday with and referred to this issue.

Although she respects the former vice president, the congresswoman assured that she does not agree with a Constituent Assembly in the country and assured that President Petro seeks to divert attention. Besides, He called him a “tyrant” and revealed that those strange threatening attitudes he is having are only made by a “dictator.”

“What we see is that Petro is a populist, he is a dictator. If he were not a dictator, he would not be threatening us with a Constituent Assembly for not approving the reforms. “It is clear that the Petro Government wants to impose reforms and govern with a message that divides,” initially stated.

Then, Arbeláez added: “He is a dictator, because he is threatening the country with a Constituent Assembly. It was great for him to arrange the reforms. Why do they find it difficult to accept that today citizens are cornered in Cauca. “No one believes them anymore, this hype of change and transformation.”

Christian Garcés, representative to the Chamber for the Democratic Center, was also a guest and pointed out that the Colombian head of state is acting like a dictator, emphasizing that his latest actions suggest that he seeks to stay in the House of Nariño.

“You don't have to believe anything about Petro. She constantly deceives citizens and strongly attacks journalists. He has complained to international organizations about these behaviors and has questioned the courts. “He attacks those who think differently and does nothing.”he sentenced in this medium.


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