There are new vice-presidents of PKO BP. Who was chosen by the supervisory board?

Luc Williams

“The bank's supervisory board, as part of the open recruitment procedure, appointed as of April 22, 2024, the following members of the bank's management board: Mr. Marek Radzikowski for the position of vice-president of the bank's management board, Mr Mariusz Zarzycki for the position of vice-president of the bank's management board,” the announcement said.

It was added that “all appointments to the bank's management board were made for a new, joint, three-year term of office starting on March 26, 2024.”

The Supervisory Board also adopted a resolution to end the delegation as of April 21, 2024 Maciej Cieślukowskimember of the supervisory board, to temporarily perform the duties of a member of the bank's management board.

Profile of Marek Radzikowski

PKO BP informed that Marek Radzikowski is a doctor of economics, manager Economic Growth Research Department of the Warsaw School of Economics, lecturer of data science, author of many economic publications, including two books. He completed his master's degree with distinction at the Warsaw School of Economics, majoring in finance and banking, and then his studies MBA under the program The Community of European Management Schools (CEMS).

He also studied in the department of economics Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MYTH) In Cambridge and on Erasmus University In Rotterdam School of Management. He is a scholarship holder Fulbrightprogram SocratesErasmus, Minister of National Education, Dr. IrenaErisas well as a winner of awards and distinctions, including: Mayor of Warsaw, Top Ten, PwC and Europrimus.

“He was also an advisor to the management board Polish Bank Associationpresident Warsaw Institute of Bankingand in recent years he worked as Vice President in JP Morgan. He is a member Society of Polish Economists and an expert InstitutePublic Finance” – it was reported.

Profile of Mariusz Zarzycki

In turn, Mariusz Zarzycki, according to the information provided in the announcement, is an experienced manager, mainly associated with banks, specializing in technology and digital transformation in a broad business sense. During his professional career, he served, among others, as a member of the management board responsible for technology, purchasing and administration at PKO Bank Polski and in Post officePolish. For 10 years he worked in mBank as director of IT departments, and then CIO.

“Zarzycki was also the IT director at the bank PBG S.A and in Industrial Bank and COI. Served as COO in the launch project Global Digital Bank and Executive Director in the IT Advisory department in EY. He was responsible several times for very complex and successful implementations of basic IT systems in banks,” it added.

PKO BP is the largest universal bank in Poland. The State Treasury has 29.43 percent. bank shares. The value of PKO BP's assets is PLN 473 billion. After three quarters of 2023, the PKO BP Group's profit exceeded PLN 4.8 billion. The company serves 11.9 million customers. (PAP)

author: Łukasz Pawłowski


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