PRCH published a report on commercial facilities. How many square meters are there for each of us?

Luc Williams

As indicated in the report “The retail market in Poland”, prepared by the Polish Council of Shopping Centers, at the end of 2023 area of ​​Polish commercial facilities increased by 424 thousand sq m GLA (gross leaseable area, gross leasable area – PAP) up to 13.3 million sq m. GLA. As a result – it was added – the retail space saturation at the end of 2023 amounted to 353 sq m. per 1000 inhabitants.

As many as 35 new shopping centers were opened

“In 2023, 35 new retail facilities were opened in Poland, of which 23 in the second half of the year. Additionally, 14 facilities were expanded or modernized. The new supply was dominated by retail parks, accounting for 83% of all openings. However, this did not significantly change the resource structure shopping centers still dominate, accounting for 81% of sq m GLA, retail parks account for 17% of sq m GLA, and outlet centers 2% of sq m GLA,” he said, quoted in the commentary to the report, managing director of PRCH Marcin Klammer.

The report shows that the new supply has particularly supplemented city ​​markets with a population of less than 100 thousand inhabitants. Most new investments were opened there, which translated into over 70%. commercial space put into use in 2023. Currently, 53 percent area of ​​commercial resources in Poland is located in the eight largest agglomerations, 24%. in cities with between 100-400 thousand inhabitants, and 23 percent in cities with fewer than 100,000 inhabitants inhabitants.

The report also states that of the retail parks commissioned in 2023, 62 percent were small and very small facilities, with an area of ​​up to 10,000 m2. sq m GLA. According to PRCH, retail parks with a total area of ​​2.5 million sq m. GLAs play an increasingly important role on the Polish market.

We are more and more willing to visit shopping centers

As stated in the report, despite the economic slowdown and high inflation, Poles were even more willing to use the offers of shopping centers last year than in 2022. Average footfall in commercial facilities, measured by PRCH by the number of customers per 1 sq m of rentable area, in 2023 amounted to 10.8 people per month. In 2022, this indicator was lower and amounted to 10.3 people per 1 sq m of rentable area per month. This translated into 4.6 percent. increase in average visitation of shopping centers in 2023

The turnover of tenants and the so-called conversion rate

According to the report tenant turnover in 2023 they were 9.2 percent higher than in 2022, a conversion rate for all categories of tenants in shopping centers, i.e. the average customer expenditure per single visit to the mall, was 4% higher in 2023. higher than in 2022. In selected categories, the largest increases in turnover throughout 2023, compared to 2022, were recorded by: entertainment – 30.3 percent, services – 24.8 percent and gastronomy – 17.4 percent

The Polish Council of Shopping Centers is a not-for-profit association with over 200 members operating in the trade and service industry. (PAP)

author: Łukasz Pawłowski


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