Too many Polish companies do not know whether they can use KPO. Few have applied or plan to

Luc Williams

The report of the Polish Economic Institute (PIE) shows that the number of enterprises that actively obtain EU funds is still very small. The obstacle to obtaining this support is most often the lack of knowledge on how to apply for money from the KPO.

Of Polish companies 38% don't know if they can take advantage of the funds from the National Reconstruction Plan (KPO), and 18% of companies have submitted or plan to submit an applicationPIE reported.

Too little knowledge

“Nearly 40% of entrepreneurs indicate that there is no knowledgewhether their company can benefit from KPO funds. Most companies with missing information can be found in: construction industry (44%), v trade (42%) and production (40%). This indicates the need to intensify the provision of information about the possibilities of using the funds,” we read in the PIE Weekly.

Among companies planning use of KPO funds – 2% have already applied for funds, 6% are planning and 9% need more information to use the KPO.

“We find most enthusiasts among… medium-sized companies (25%), and most people are reluctant to submit applications small companies (24%). IN services sector as many as 25% of enterprises count on funds from KPO, but at the same time 21% have no need to use the Program. This discrepancy in answers is due to: diversified activities conducted within the capacious framework services sector“- we read further.

Too much worry

The study shows that 26% of companies indicate that they are not located in group of potential beneficiaries of KPO funds. The inability to obtain funds from the KPO is more often indicated large enterprises (36%) and companies from the TSL industry (35%), also reported by PIE.

“However, it should be borne in mind that there is time for submission and investment implementation is not much, because the Program is implemented until August 31, 2026,” it was noted

PIE conducted research in early April 2024 on a sample of 500 enterprises.

What can the KPO money be used for?

The government anticipates that thanks to KPO funds, among others: PLN 5,000 companies in the field of culture, tourism and gastronomy will modernize the business activities of 800 small and medium-sized enterprises agri-food and fishing processing will gain modern equipment, 72 distribution and storage centers and wholesale markets (including cooperatives) will shorten food supply chain120 new industry skills centers will train 24,000 people, and 3,000 companies will benefit from digitalization consulting and money for software, it said.

As she informed earlier Minister of Funds and Regional Policy (MFiPR) Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz main proposals for changes sent to the ministry during consultations KPO revision concern: digital transformation, green smart mobility and reducing energy consumption.

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan for Poland includes 56 investments and 55 reforms. We will receive EUR 59.8 billion (PLN 268 billion) from KPO, including EUR 25.27 billion (PLN 113.28 billion) in the form of grants and EUR 34.54 billion (PLN 154.81 billion) in the form of preferential loans.



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