“They are leaving Colombia in the hands of the recycled FARC”: Salud Hernández-Mora questions the “absolute indifference” of the Petro Government

Luc Williams

In the space of , journalist Salud Hernández-Mora highlighted how Iván Mordisco's FARC have not only regained control of certain areas, but have also extended their dominance to other parts of Colombian territory.

For Hernández, what is happening in Jamundí is a clear example that “the FARC has once again regained control in large areas of the country (…). They have been operating for a long time, and I would say a third of the country is certified. They rule and, furthermore, they do their holy will”.

The actions of the Petro government in terms of security have been strongly questioned by various sectors, especially the opposition. Among the criticisms, their decisions stand out, apparently aimed at benefiting criminals, since the public force has been practically handcuffed in the face of groups outside the law.

“To the problems that existed before we add the absolute indifference of this government and the impression it gives that it is leaving the country in the hands of the FARC, these new ones or these recycled FARC”emphasized Salud Hernández-Mora in the space of

Next, he described as “unheard of” and “a shame” the fact that the government's delegate representative at the negotiating table with the FARC has urged the criminal organization to “reduce its crime by 50%.”

But the critical reading did not end there. The journalist commented that she received information in Guaviare from the same community about how those who are creating the rural cadastre are the FARC themselves and then give it to the government. “This is crazy,” she concluded.


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