They take out the dirty laundry from Petro and Gustavo Bolívar for wanting to stop 'cow' for Antioquia

Luc Williams

In less than 48 hours, the collection, which was called the 'cow' for the roads of Antioquia, collected more than one billion pesos. The objective is to be able to complete the construction of the 4G roads, given that the national government would not be willing to finance them.

“I ask the governor of Antioquia to suspend the bill for the unnecessary 'cow' for roads, given that it can be infiltrated by dirty money from drug trafficking incorporated into donations“wrote the president on his (Twitter) account.

Likewise, the director of Social Prosperity, Gustavo Bolívar, downplayed the push by Antioquians to try to raise money and finance their roads out of their own pockets. “When they collect 200,000 million pesos worth 10 kilometers of 4G roads, I will believe that this 'cow' is serious. They declare zero pesos in their income and now they are asking for a million from the people who do pay taxes to finish the roads that will make their properties worth three times as much.”

The statements of the head of state and the former senator generated multiple comments and questions from some opposition leaders. One of the first to speak out was Paola Holguín, senator from the Democratic Center.

The congresswoman spoke this Tuesday, March 26 exclusively with Vicky in SEMANA and assured that Petro and Bolívar “love to support crime.” Likewise, she took advantage of the moment to remember all the scandals surrounding the financing of the president's last campaign.

“It seems strange that this arouses so much anger, when it is a valid alternative, after the Government has told us that it is not going to provide the resources to complete 4G. It also seems strange to us that he is now concerned about the infiltration of illegal money, after he was not concerned about it in his own campaign. One wishes that they had had that concern in the campaign,” she initially indicated.

Then he declared: “They hate solidarity and love criminality. The works have no stratum, they serve all citizens, they serve the rich and the poor.. They forget that today they are the government. “All the time it is with incendiary speech.”

The member of the Democratic Center finally pointed out that the Colombian president was never bothered by the 'cow' for the front line, led by the director of the DPS during the social outbreak, but he does want to stop the collection for the roads of Antioquia.


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