This is the commitment of the San Martín University Foundation with the education of the future

Luc Williams

Since 2019, San Martín has been working on the curricular transformation of its programs with the purpose of providing a relevant and quality academic offer, in accordance with current educational needs. The Faculty of Social and Administrative Sciences is an example of this.

Carlos Hernández Díaz, dean of this faculty, explains that today they have programs in different modalities. Law, Advertising and Marketing are offered in Bogotá and are in person; International Business is in person in the city of Pasto and Business Administration and Public Accounting are remote, a hybrid model in which students receive classes virtually but can also attend asynchronously or in person at the Tutorial Service Centers (CAT). ).

“We rely on current technological tools to strengthen our academic offering. For example, we want the Law program to have an emphasis on digital law; also in the Administration and Accounting programs we are working with 4.0 technology,” said the dean.

Currently, the institution is advancing research projects. Hernández states that at this time they have several products and have hired teachers with master’s degrees and doctorates to improve the quality of the education they provide to their students.

The internationalization of the university is another of the great bets. Today there are about 7,135 students nationwide who can benefit from the international agreements that the educational institution is carrying out. “With Mexico and Argentina we have an ambitious plan so that we can receive visits from students from universities in those countries or that our students can go to do internships or an international exchange there,” adds Hernández.

Likewise, the institution has submitted the request for approval of new qualified records to the Ministry of National Education, once the approvals are obtained, San Martín will be able to expand its academic offering with innovative programs that contribute to the social and educational development of the country.

Social component

According to the manager, as part of the social outreach approach promoted by the institution, today the university offers a series of discounts for enrollment in different programs, in order to provide opportunities that facilitate access to higher education for more people.

“In the Law, Advertising and Marketing programs, we are giving a 50 percent discount on the tuition fee. For its part, in International Business the discount is 30 percent and in distance learning programs the discount is 20 percent. Likewise, if the student maintains an average equal to or greater than 3.5 until the sixth semester, he will have the possibility of retaining this benefit,” concludes Hernández.

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