An educational commitment to health and safety at work

Luc Williams

Having training that responds to the demands of the labor market is an increasingly important aspect for young people. According to Fedesarrollo, the most in-demand careers in Colombia are related to the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, information technologies and health sciences.

Aware of this, the Ibero-American University Corporation has strengthened its postgraduate offering in recent years. One of its most important commitments has been the development of the Specialization in Occupational Health and Safety Management, a program that, according to Gerardo Augusto De La Hoz, dean of the Faculty of Business Sciences at Ibero, aims to train comprehensive team of professionals with management skills to improve the work environments and health conditions of public and private sector workers.

Currently, the specialization has 522 enrolled students and 1,006 graduates. For De La Hoz, since the Ministry of National Education granted them registration in February 2016, the program has managed to train specialists in occupational health and safety management who today “work as directors, coordinators or leaders of occupational health and safety areas and processes in different public and private institutions of the national order.”

The dean highlighted that the differential of this offer is that it is a program that goes further, seeking to promote an organizational culture that values ​​and prioritizes the health and well-being of workers. “We recognize that professionals in this field must not only be experts in regulations and procedures, but also leaders who guide their teams towards safer and healthier work environments.”

Technology allies

The use of new technologies has been another of the particularities highlighted by the program. The dean of the Faculty of Business Sciences explained that in addition to having a virtual modality, “the various technologies are integrated to offer a more enriching and practical experience for students.”

De La Hoz highlighted the virtual simulations with which they have created digital environments that recreate real situations in which students have the possibility of putting their knowledge into practice in a “practical and safe” environment.

Another initiative has been the use of interactive online platforms in order to encourage the active participation of training specialists. These platforms, the educator detailed, “include discussion forums, collaborative online activities and interactive assessments to improve relationships between participants and facilitate learning.” In its objective of betting on technological transformation, the institution has a 100% transactional App, where the educational community can interact with different content of interest.

IBERO, looking to the future, seeks to position this specialization in the country due to its belonging and curricular content according to organizational needs. “We also intend to expand our postgraduate offering, seeking to increase the knowledge and skills of the managerial and administrative field that are developed in different entities and economic sectors,” De La Hoz pointed out.

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