This is the complaint made by Alejandro Villanueva, director of ‘Desigual’, which affects Andrés Sarabia, brother of Laura Sarabia

Luc Williams

“This has been (a Latin expression that means ‘the voice of the people’) because we remember that Laura Sarabia’s brother, Andrés Sarabia, before she was the director of Dapre, one of the most powerful women in the country, what was doing, it was practically a UTL (Legislative Work Unit). He was UTL of Congressman Santiago Osorio, he was not economically successful and had a lifestyle like any young man who was studying. He lived with his girlfriend, he asked for ‘vaca’ to go drink pola with friends, a normal person,” explained Villlanueva.

“But when his sister arrived at the Palace, again, after the nanny scandal, Andrés began to have some behaviors and a big change in lifestyle that all his friends witnessed. Everyone witnessed how he went from living in an apartment on 53rd to Parque de la 93, he began to ride in high-end cars, to walk with a businessman who is now a ghost, who is the young David Cure or Carlos Child. “He went from a UTL to a great businessman,” he added.

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“They began to pass comments in WhatsApp groups and to the President of the Republic. Comments began to rotate in the Palace. The comments said, verbatim, that the Government has an edge that concentrates the greatest amount of power, where, at the head of Laura Sarabia, Andrés Sarabia would be carrying out various businesses together with the Congress liaison. Laura Sarabia’s advisor is called Juan Ramírez Cobo. And Ramírez Cobo is Laura Sarabia’s advisor on legislative issues. He is the Presidency’s liaison with Congress and is a great friend of Andrés Sarabia. This person, along with Andrés, would be involved in a business network with the State together with businessman David Cure and businessman Carlos Niño,” added the director of the digital medium.

“Because it is important? Because both Jaime Ramírez Cobo and his girlfriend, Daniela Andrade, who worked at Fiduprevisora ​​and made the payment for the La Guajira tank trucks, filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office. Not so that this could be investigated, but so that they could get to the bottom of where those comments came from. They made this complaint public,” he added.

Alejandro Villanueva assured that he met Andrés Sarabia, drank beer with him and that is why he knows what his lifestyle was like. And now, he said, he also knows how he lives. “For him to come out and deny it is completely meaningless, he justifies the change by saying that he gives advice. Advice on what? ”He commented. Then, he said, he sent a questionnaire to Laura Sarabia’s brother giving an account of his change of life, asking him whether or not he was part of a public procurement network. According to Villanueva, there was no response to the questionnaire, which he read in full on air in the interview with.

As for Laura Sarabia, he said, she argued that she was out of the country and could not answer his questions, so she should send them by email. “The lawyer Jorge Mario Gómez, the lawyer who has been her primary lawyer, wrote to me and told me: ‘send me the context.’” The answer, she said, was that it was all a smear campaign that had no basis.

Villanueva assured that, according to information that has reached him “and that is circulating in the chats of some congressmen,” the Sarabia brothers have extensive control over the “nominations, entities and businesses” that are made from the State. The director of the digital media insisted that Andrés Sarabia went from being a person who worked in a UTL to becoming a businessman who travels in high-end vehicles. Hence his interest in having his questionnaires answered. “Justify it,” he emphasized.


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