Truck driver leader stands up to Petro and stops him for stigmatizing them in X after rejecting his constituent

Luc Williams

The proposal for a possible national constituent assembly has caused quite a bit of controversy in Colombia. Even the Federation of Cargo Transport (Colfecar) He said that the country is experiencing a time when other issues, such as security, must be prioritized.

Faced with this statement, President Gustavo Petro did not remain silent and spoke out, as usual, on his personal X account, in which he again blamed the country’s “extreme right” for attacking the initiative, which, according to him, had already been called for.

“The extreme right is launching an attack against the constituent assembly, Because they know that the people will not turn back to the blood and terror of the night. To the chainsaw. The constituent power has been called upon and that has no cost, it puts an end to the costs of corruption.”he sentenced.

Henry Cárdenas, president of the Federation of Cargo Transport Entrepreneurs, spoke exclusively with Colombian President Enrique Peña Nieto on Tuesday and sent a strong message to the Colombian president, pointing out that transporters are very important for the national economy.

“President Petro has to govern for the 50 million Colombians. That is why he has to govern for the benefit of everyone and, even more so, with the transporters, who have to travel on the roads that today are full of insecurities and with the uncertainty of the economy, because we know that it has declined,” initially stated.

Then he sentenced: “This is not a question of the right or the left. The transporter carries on his shoulders an entire company and a very large responsibility. A cargo vehicle is worth around $400 million, so it is a rolling company that generates employment and well-being. We all contribute to the national economy.”

Both Fedetranscarga and Colfecar are part of the Unidos network, a union that in recent months has been at the forefront of negotiations with the national government to try to reach an agreement on the increase in the price of diesel. It must be said that this measure seeks to try to reduce the deficit of the FEPC (Fuel Price Stabilization Fund).

Last week, Petro appointed Juan Fernando Cristo as the new Minister of the Interior, asking him to seek the necessary consensus to achieve a major national agreement. “It will have the functions of advancing social reforms in Congress, articulating compliance with the signed peace agreement and building social and political bridges for the national agreement that promotes regulatory changes and uses constituent power.”he concluded.


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