“We exposed Petro’s true plan to pressure the Court”: Petro is unmasked before the OAS

Luc Williams

A group of congressmen from the Democratic Center traveled this week to Washington, United States, to meet with the Organization of American States (OAS). The delegation is led by María Fernanda Cabal, Miguel Uribe Turbay and Paloma Valencia, who met with the general secretary, Luis Almagro.

Paloma Valencia, in the same way, pointed out that it was explained to Almagro that what happened on October 8 outside the Palace of Justice was a clear threat against the Supreme Court of Justice, in order to pressure the magistrates. to elect the new prosecutor.

“These events have been increasing, until reaching the siege against the Court. That was an explicit threat against the magistrates and we expressed that to the secretary, with all due respect. We cannot allow the Government’s actions to be minimized“, accurate.

Then, he indicated that he reminded him of all the scandals that have surrounded the head of state: “We insist that the investigations that Petro has today, mainly about his son, his brother and his campaign, do not come from a prosecutor who is persecuting him; “They came from journalistic investigations.”

Senator Miguel Uribe Turbay, for his part, expressed in this medium that the meeting with the OAS secretary was very valuable, because it unmasked the true intentions that, according to them, the Colombian head of state has.

“This conversation was very useful for Colombia, because we insist that Gustavo Petro is not the victim, but the perpetrator. It is Petro who is causing this institutional crisis that ended with the attack on the Court. We insist on stating that these attacks will continue because he wants to divert attention from his bad government. and, of course, get away from scandals,” he stated.

It should be remembered that the Organization of American States issued a press release on its social networks last week, after meeting with President Gustavo Petro in Bogotá. The OAS refers in the document to the political situation that Colombia is experiencing, in the midst of the election of the new attorney general.

“The General Secretariat demands that attempts be abandoned by different political actors to damage the democratic process in Colombia and considers it essential to guarantee that President Gustavo Petro completes his term. We condemn the threats to interrupt President Petro’s constitutional mandate,” said the leader.

Almagro’s statements did not go down well with some political sectors in Colombia; For this reason, the congressmen of the Democratic Center decided to speak directly with him.


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