What is it like to study the Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management in Anáhuac Querétaro? What is it like to study the Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management in Anáhuac Querétaro?

Luc Williams

Have you attended your favorite team's game and wondered how it all works? Would you like to be part of this great playing field?

If the answer is yes, the Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management of the Anáhuac Querétaro University opens the doors to this exciting world for you. By studying this degree you will not only acquire theoretical knowledge of sports industrybut you can also apply them in real scenariosjust like Paola did, our brilliant student who swept away participating in the Formula 1.

If you also want to participate in the decision-making of the most important sports in the world, keep reading and Find out about the benefits you will get by being part of the Anáhuac Querétaro team.

You will get to know the sports industry

If you are a true fan of the world of sports, the Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management is just what will help you win in life. You will have the opportunity to understand this industry from a leadership and management perspectiveand you will be able to get involved at the level local and international.

Joining Anáhuac Querétaro means that you will study at a university recognized as Center for Olympic Studies and Researchwhich will encourage you to create links and connections with people and institutions directly related to sports.

In addition, your preparation will allow you to develop in various areas of the industry, such as administration, marketing and communication and even the Health & Wellness sports.

You will apply the theory in the real world

And now, it's time to discover a truly inspiring success story: Paola Gardida, outstanding student of the Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management in Anáhuac Querétaro, in the Formula 1 (F1). By joining the team of volunteers in the FanZone area, Paola was able to experience what the environment of a field as dynamic as F1 is like.

She says that, despite the long hours of work, her willingness to understand the space she was in and pay attention to her surroundings made her will improve their communication and teamwork skills. Through the theory learned in class, Paola made decisions with immediate and visible impacts, becoming a true example of dedication to what one does and loves.

His experience definitely shows us that what learn in the classrooms will be so valuable as to take you to to reach your dreams.

Career opportunities in the industry

Let's admit it, if this career interests you, you probably already know that your goal is to work in the sports industry, but maybe you didn't know that it is much bigger than it seems.

By studying Sports Management at the Universidad Anáhuac Querétaro, you will obviously be able to collaborate with sports federations and clubsbut you will also work on Nonprofit organizations that promote the sportthe physical activity and the personal welfare.

This industry, which in Mexico alone generates more than $116,000 million pesos per yearis only growing and getting stronger, so when you graduate, your job opportunities will only multiply if you work hard at it.

You will develop leadership and management skills

At Anáhuac Querétaro we are proud that all our students are born leaders. But if you study the Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management, you will receive an education that will make you stand out in a world as competitive as the sports industry. Your ability to create and direct sports companies, make strategic decisions and manage resources effectively will ensure success in this and all areas of your life.

In addition, thanks to our training focused on positive change, you will be able to get involved in increasing people's physical activity. In short, you will be part of the professionals who contribute to improving the quality of life step by step of the society.

Join the Anáhuac Querétaro team

So, are you ready to join our team? If the answer is yes, sign up for the Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management in Anahuac Querétaro. With us, you will be able to prepare yourself with true leadership in the world that you are most passionate about and you will have all the tools to make a difference wherever you go.

Join this race and learn more about the Curriculum of this program. With your story, you will carry the Anáhuac footprint to Mexico and the world.

Don't be left behind and be part of the most exciting game of your life!


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