Meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture of Poland, Lithuania and Germany. The topics of the talks will include: the issue of importing grain from Ukraine

Luc Williams

“Today I will also talk to Minister of Agriculture of Lithuania (Kestutis Navickas – PAP). Also today in Warsaw Minister of Agriculture of Germany (Cem Oezdemir – PAP). We will also talk about all these problems, because German farmers went on strike for a few days,” Minister Siekierski said on Friday in

Farmers from north-eastern Poland announced that they would start on Friday, March 1 protest in front of the Polish-Lithuanian border in Budzisko. The protest and the resulting disruptions have last until March 7.

The main goal of the protest is scontrolling and limiting the transport of Ukrainian grain to Lithuania and back to Poland. Farmers are waiting from the Lithuanian side introduction ban on grain imports from Ukraine and implementation transit regulations regarding grain, similar to those currently in force in Poland.

It took place on Thursday in Warsaw Agriculture Summitin which he took part Prime Minister Donald Tusk. During the meeting with farmers, the Prime Minister declared that Polish government will do everything to protect Polish agriculture. He also announced that he would call for the suspension or withdrawal of the provisions in Brussels Green Deal for agriculture. At the same time, the government will work towards coverage embargo of Russian and Belarusian agricultural products. The Prime Minister also announced another meeting.

Farmers' protests have been organized in the European Union for several days now. The demands of Polish farmers include: withdrawal from the provisions of the Green Deal, sealing the borders against inflow of agri-food products from outside the EUand defense animal breeding in Poland.

author: Aneta Oksiuta


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