What will happen to Sanitas prepaid medicine? “We hope there is no other illegal behavior”

Luc Williams

Juan David Riveros, lawyer for the Keralty group, which is part of the EPS Sanitas, spoke with 'Vicky en SEMANA'. In the framework of the interview, in which he spoke about the legal battle that the company waged against the government of President Gustavo Petro, to recover the administration of Sanitas, the lawyer referred to what the future will be of prepaid medicine for people who They remain affiliated with said EPS, now under state control.

“Prepaid medicine companies are not affected in any way and we will continue to provide the service as we have done in the past. We hope that there will not be other illegal behavior that seeks to affect them in the midst of this entire situation of discrimination and persecution that we have felt, but for now our call is for there to be absolute peace of mind on the part of our users,” he stated.

“We are going to allocate all resources from a human and legal point of view to continue in Colombia,” he added, pointing out that the Government's intervention was illegal. “After what we consider to be an arbitrary act by the Health Superintendence, which ends with the intervention of the EPS Sanitas, what we have done is design a legal strategy to address the judges of the Republic, trying to avoid let this arbitrary act continue and to recover the administration of the EPS. The purpose is that: to recover, as soon as possible, the administration of the EPS, fundamentally thinking that we can continue providing the service for our users, as we have done for just over 43 years of presence in Colombia.“said the jurist.

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In dialogue with '', the lawyer pointed out that the intervention was totally disproportionate and was done by manipulating information. According to him, for example, the Government reported payments in the EPS as millionaire debts that had to be made this month and are under legal regulations. Likewise, he pointed out, The Executive intervened in Sanitas, through the Health Superintendency, because they were critical of the health reform.

“They manipulate the information for a purpose that has become evident: they wanted to use Sanitas' intervention to generate that anxiety that is occurring and to generate other pressure in other organs, in other agents of the health system because the organization has been critical of some of the Government's positions regarding the (health) reform, stating that we are aware that the system can be improved,” Riveros said.

Watch the full interview with Juan David Riveros, Keralty's lawyer:

“That is the reason why we went today, as the beginning of a legal strategy, to the Attorney General's Office, to propose a complaint against the national superintendent of Health, because we consider that the decision itself It is outside the legal system for many reasons, but there is one that seems to me to be transcendental in our country today, and that is that They make a decision that has no legal basis and suspend the board or the assembly of shareholders of the EPS. What this means is that they are ignoring the right to property of individuals in a company and that is extremely serious and is not included or supported in any norm of the Colombian legal system, that is, it is absolutely outside the law. ”he added. The case was left in the hands of the Attorney General's Office..


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