What's next for Izera? Budka: Decision in a few weeks

Luc Williams

The future of Izera

On Monday, on Polsat News, the head of the Ministry of State Assets, when asked about the future of the Polish electric car Jizera, replied that “those will be decisions of the government.” He pointed out that currently the new supervisory board of ElectroMobility Poland (the company responsible for Izera) is conducting a competition for members of the management board of this company. “Appropriate decisions will be made after the internal audit,” he added.

Budka clarified that it was a matter of a few weeks. “After the audits, appropriately qualified people will make such a recommendation to the government,” he said.

At the same time, the minister emphasized that it is necessary to take advantage of the very good location of Jaworzno and the area prepared there. “We will decide what formula to use. One thing is certain, the investment in that place should be continued. It all depends on the form,” he added.

Funds from KPO

Borys Budka pointed out that Poland should use funds from the KPO to increase its technological potential and focus on Polish industry. He noted that experts indicate that thanks to European funds, Polish GDP may increase by 2%.

Asked whether Poland should have its own export electric carBudka replied that “if it was competitive, if it could exist on the market, then every such product should have a place.”

On Monday, the Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz, announced that the support from the KPO for the Jizera project of the Ministry of FiPR is waiting for the final decisions of the Ministry of State Assets, which supervises ElectroMobility Poland. She added that, in principle, the EC already consented to this or any other project in the field of zero-emission means of transport receiving a loan, not a grant from KPO.

On Monday, Poland received EUR 6.3 billion of the first payment from the KPO: EUR 3.9 billion of loan funds repaid through the European budget and EUR 2.4 billion of grants.

Under the KPO, Poland is to receive EUR 59.8 billion (PLN 268 billion), including EUR 25.27 billion (PLN 113.28 billion) in the form of subsidies and EUR 34.54 billion (PLN 154.81 billion) in the form of preferential loans. In line with EU goals, a significant part of the KPO budget is to be allocated to climate goals (46.6%), digital transformation (21.3%), as well as social reforms (22.3%).

The release of funds in Poland is delayed, hence the need to revise the KPO. (PAP)

author: Michał Boroń


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