What will most influence companies’ decisions this year? Three factors

Luc Williams

Raising the minimum wage

Raising the minimum wage in 2024 up to PLN 4,300 gross will have the greatest impact on the decisions made by manufacturing companies (65%) and service companies (61%), and the least – by construction companies (43%), PIE analysts indicated, presenting the results of the January survey conducted as part of the Monthly Business Cycle Index (MIK). ). This year, weak demand for enterprise products or services will also be an important factor taken into account when making business decisions – 49 percent indicated this. surveyed companies from the trade industry, 47 percent from the manufacturing industry and 35 percent from the construction sector.

Green transformation

The implementation of the green transformation will have a significant impact on the activities of enterprises in the TSL industry, i.e. Transport, Forwarding, Logistics (41 percent of surveyed companies expect this), production companies (37 percent) and service companies (22 percent). Almost 30 percent entrepreneurs point to the strong impact of growing cyber threats, which will significantly affect the activities of service companies (42%).

17% of respondents noted the strong impact of the development of robotization and automation on their business decisions. surveyed companies, and 12 percent expects the impact of the development of artificial intelligence.

Migration policy

Implementation is also a factor that may influence companies’ activities in 2024 migration policy – given. In the PIE study, 14 percent companies indicated that this impact could be strong; most often, such declarations come from representatives of companies from the TSL industry (21%) and manufacturing (15%) and construction companies (13%). “These are the industries in which we most often observe staff deficits,” the Institute pointed out.

It was noted that the PIE research results are consistent with the predictions of experts from various industries for 2024 (PAP)

author: Ewa Wesołowska


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