Duda: Poland was visible in Davos; we encourage you to invest

Luc Williams

Summarizing his participation in the 54th World Economic Forum, the president expressed satisfaction that Poland was visible during this year’s conference; he recalled that, apart from him, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Radosław Sikorski, also paid a visit to Davos. He noted that this year’s conference was dominated by the topic of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

As he said, during the Forum he encouraged investments in the Three Seas region, especially in our country. “It is important that this part of Europe develops,” said the president, noting that, according to experts, the development forecasts for Central and Eastern Europe are very good.

The Polish president also summarized his bilateral meetings on Thursday. According to him, he talked with the Prime Minister of Moldova, Dorin Recean, about the prospect of this country’s accession to the European Union and the reforms carried out in this direction. Duda emphasized that the admission of Moldova and Ukraine to the EU is one of the priorities of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council in 2025.

“We talked about the economic, political and war situation in Ukraine (…). I emphasized that we will push for the accession processes to proceed quickly,” the Polish president reported.

The president also met with the president of Switzerland, Viola Amherd, who – as he said – will soon visit Poland. In turn, the meeting with the President of Singapore, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, was devoted to Polish-Singaporean business cooperation.

The Davos forum will end on January 19.


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