What’s next for TVP? Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz provided new information

Luc Williams

“Today’s (of January 22, 2024) entry of court clerk Tomasz Kosub in the National Court Register, refusing to disclose the opening of the liquidation of TVP, does not result in a change in the status of the Company and its authorities” – we read in the “Information of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in regarding the entry in the National Court Register regarding the authorities of Telewizja Polska SA in liquidation.

“Only a potential final judgment of the commercial court invalidating the resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders could effectively question the legality of the commenced liquidation process of the Company and the appointment of a liquidator who still performs his function under the law. The same applies analogously to the effectiveness of the appointment by the General Meeting of a new Supervisory Board of Telewizja Polska SA in liquidation ( composed of: Piotr Zemła, Maciej Taborowski and Anisa Gnacikowska) – emphasized Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz.

He pointed out that “the entry in the National Court Register is declaratory in nature – it does not create any right or status of the authorities, it only has informational value.” “After TVP SA in liquidation filed a complaint against today’s action of the court clerk, today’s refusal to register loses all force until the court considers the complaint,” wrote the head of the Ministry of Culture.

“The Minister of Culture and National Heritage is convinced that the legal dispute will end successfully, confirming the position of the majority of registry courts in Poland, which have already issued numerous favorable decisions, which show that putting companies carrying out the mission of public media into liquidation is fully consistent with law,” wrote Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz.

He assured that “the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage is making every effort to restore pluralistic, reliable public television at the highest level to Poles.” “The veto of the President of the Republic of Poland on the budget-related act was the direct cause of putting the Company into liquidation,” explained the head of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

“The current authorities of the Company (liquidator and Supervisory Board) ensure the ongoing functioning of the Company. At the same time, numerous analyzes and audits are being carried out to examine the situation in 2016-2023,” wrote the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

Author: Grzegorz Janikowski


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