When will gas heating end? We know the deadlines

Luc Williams

By 2040, fossil fuel boilers are to be completely eliminated, and already since 2030 will not be installed in new buildings. What’s next?

New European Union regulations – withdrawal of gas boilers by 2040

In recent years, they have been the most frequently chosen heating source in Poland gas boilerssupported by grants from “Clean Air” program. However, in the light of the new regulations, it will be necessary to adapt to the new regulations. According to EU assumptions, this will happen in the coming years gradual departure from environmentally harmful fossil fuels.

Already from 2030, the installation of gas boilers in new buildings will be prohibited. However, from 2027, the carbon dioxide emission allowance trading system (ETS 2) will apply – energy from these boilers will be charged with an additional fee, which will translate into costs borne by consumers. The introduction of fees for emissions from buildings will make this happen the costs of heating with gas or coal will increase significantly. This means that owners of gas boilers must prepare for further expenses, which may make them think about changing the heating system more quickly. Ultimately, by 2040, it will be impossible to heat homes with fossil fuels and gas.

Alternatives to gas boilers

It is possible to invest in alternative, more ecological solutions that will be more friendly to the environment and the residents’ wallets. They are one of them heat pumps, although their profitability is often questionable. According to the analysis of the Polish Economic Institute, the installation of a gas boiler may currently be up to 50 percent lower. cheaper than heat pumps.

This makes installing a gas boiler an attractive option for many people. On the other hand, in the long run, the operating costs of gas boilers may turn out to be significantly higher due to increasing costs carbon emissions fees.


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