Minister of Agriculture: Let the EU cover at least part of farmers’ losses

Luc Williams

Minister Siekierski participated in a meeting with representatives on Saturday in Zosin (Hrubieszów poviat). protesting farmers. At the press conference, he admitted that the talks were calm, substantive, although difficult.

He announced that he was going to Brussels on Monday for the next meeting of the council of agriculture ministers European Union, where he will present the demands of Polish farmers. “Today I came mainly with the intention of concretizing all these proposals and demands once again,” he added.

He said that during Saturday’s talks, three problems were mainly discussed, the first of which concerns Ukraine and the excessive opening of borders resulting from the decision of K.European mission. “This opening actually caused that Ukraine – when it comes to the market – it is in the European Union and takes advantage of all these export and development opportunities. We understand that (…), we want to continue helping, but at the same time we do not want it to be paid for or borne by one professional group and those from border countries,” the minister pointed out.

“Therefore, we also want to talk in the European Union so that the EU can participate in covering part of the costs of the losses that farmers have suffered due to the imbalance in the market that was created by the opening (of the border) and the inflow of uncontrolled goods to the Polish market,” Siekierski noted.

He also emphasized that Poland still intends to support Ukraine. “Another area is economic matters, which must be conducted in accordance with the principles of economics, settlements, etc.” – added the minister. (PAP)

author: Gabriela Bogaczyk


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