Will the electricity market be more competitive in 2024?

Luc Williams

Gavin he said on Thursday during a meeting with journalists that the provisions of the amendment will come into force this year Energy law and OZ ActE, containing a number of solutions that redefine the market, opening it to competition from retail market participants, so that they become the largest possible beneficiary. Thanks to this, the market should become much more competitive – added the president ERO.

In August this year there will be an obligation to offer the so-called dynamic tariffs by electricity sellers serving over 200,000 recipients. The President of the Energy Regulatory Office reminded that such tariffs will be available to customers who already have a remote reading meter. Full functionality will be ensured only after startup CSIRE (Central Information System on the Energy Market), which was postponed to 2025. This is a certain technical limitation, which may result in moderate interest in the first period, but the Energy Regulatory Office will require dynamic tariffs to be offered, Gawin said.

An online comparison site will appear

He added that one of the most important challenges for the Office this year will be the launch of an online comparison service of electricity sellers’ offers, which is also provided for in the Act.

The head of the Energy Regulatory Office reminded that in accordance with the new regulations, the regulator will set directions for network development and implementation of priority investments by issuing optional guidelines. The President of the Energy Regulatory Office will be empowered to control the implementation of these plans. The guidelines will be linked to a system of incentives and remuneration, which is intended to encourage relevant entities to invest.

The President of the Energy Regulatory Office announced that within a month the Office should present the first ideas regarding the digitization and automation of power grids to network operators for their opinion and assessment.

New solutions in 2024

In 2024, solutions regarding the so-called regulatory sandbox. We see great potential in this when it comes to the effective use of existing networks, Gawin said, adding that the Office is working on identifying areas for testing in “sandboxes” and on incentives that could be used by those willing to test solutions in “sandboxes”.

The first so-called direct line, i.e. a direct connection between the source and the recipient. According to Gawin, proceedings are underway regarding three further applications regarding the direct line. “The direct line and another new solution, the so-called cable pooling “they require some time to become popular,” said the President of the Energy Regulatory Office. He added that the four lines may already be the basis for defining good practices that will allow other entities to use this solution more easily. (PAP)


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