Will there be a change in the location of the nuclear power plant? Zandberg: This is a delay of several years in its construction. We can’t waste time

Luc Williams

Zandberg: Delays are a threat to Poland’s energy security

At a conference in the Sejm, politicians of the Razem party commented on reports regarding changes in the location of a nuclear power plant in Pomerania. As Adrian Zandberg emphasized, “the best time to build a nuclear power plant in Poland was 30 years ago.” “But the second best time is now,” he added. “We cannot waste a week or a month of time. We must move forward with this work, because delays are a serious threat to Poland’s energy security,” he said.

Where will the nuclear power plant be located? – it wouldn’t matter much, but if the location of the power plant was changed today, it would mean another delay in the construction of the power plant, several years later. We cannot afford this,” Zandberg said.

Matysiak: We need to start building the first Polish nuclear power plant

MP Paulina Matysiak she emphasized that there is currently no time to discuss changing the location because the environmental decision has also been issued. “What needs to be done now is to start building the first Polish nuclear power plant,” she said. “We need nuclear power plants in Poland to balance our energy mix, so that we can afford to pay our bills, and so that electricity is cheap,” she pointed out.

Konieczny: Poland needs clean, safe energy from large nuclear energy

As MP Maciej Konieczny argued, “Poland needs clean, safe energy from a large nuclear power plant.” “The Polish energy mix in the future must be based on renewable energy sources and nuclear energy. The latter cannot be built overnight, but we cannot afford further delays,” he added. “We need to move away from high-emission energy sources as quickly as possible due to high costs and the climate, so that we do not pay horrendous energy prices, so that our economy is competitive,” he said.

“We expect Donald Tusk’s government to make a clear declaration that there will be no change of location and the construction of the nuclear power plant will continue,” Konieczny appealed.

What’s next for the nuclear power plant in Poland?

The head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Jan Grabiec, was asked on Radio Zet whether Donald Tusk’s government was considering changing the location of the nuclear power plant in Pomerania. “No, there is no such decision, there are no grounds to make such a decision today,” he emphasized. He pointed out that “in early investment processes, especially until the investment actually starts (…) certain changes may occur.” “But when it comes to the location of this project, there are no reasons to make such decisions,” he said.

On Wednesday, “Dziennik Bałtycki” reported that the change of the location of the nuclear power plant in Pomerania was announced by the new Pomeranian Voivode, Beata Rutkiewicz. “The environmental decision for the location in Lubiatów has been issued, but we are still considering whether it was right. There are also different opinions about the selected technology. The coming months will be decisive,” Rutkiewicz was reported to have said.

In the evening, the Pomeranian Voivodeship Office published the voivode’s statement. Rutkiewicz emphasized that no decision has been made to change the location of the nuclear power plant in Pomerania, and the final decisions regarding the location will be made by the government in due time, after detailed analyses. (PAP)

author: Grzegorz Bruszewski


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