Changes to the Clean Air program from April will cover not only heat pumps

Luc Williams

The Clean Air Program is the largest subsidy program in Poland addressed to owners of single-family houses and probably one of the largest such programs in Europe. Over the five years it has been in force, over 750,000 applications have been received. applications and PLN 8.6 billion in funding was paid for the replacement of stoves and thermal modernization of houses. The pace of project implementation is lower than expected at the beginning of the program’s creation, but these are still impressive numbers.

Interest in subsidies increased after last year’s introduction of higher maximum subsidy amounts for comprehensive thermal modernization of houses and replacement of stoves with efficient heat sources. It is now possible to submit an application again, just for thermal modernization. But at the same time, new problems appeared.

High funding attracts not only the poorest

The highest subsidy available to the poorest people is 100%. net investment costs (excluding VAT), but they do not have to pay for the project in advance. National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management covers 50%. costs in the form of an advance and paid to the contractor’s account, and the rest – after the investment is completed. The maximum you can get is PLN 135,000. PLN subsidy in total for comprehensive thermal modernization of the house, purchase and installation of a heat pump and photovoltaics. The largest number of applications currently received under the Clean Air program concern this highest level of funding.

Number of applications for the Clean Air program accepted per week. Source: Paweł Mirowski, vice-president of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

This money is also a tasty morsel for dishonest companies that inflate prices and trick poor residents of poorly insulated houses into investments that do not meet their needs. In the case of heat pumps, instead of high-quality devices, some people received inefficient equipment and then were surprised by high electricity bills. These are not isolated cases.

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, together with industry organizations, has prepared changes to the program, which are to enter into force on April 1 this year.

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