XTB The WallStreet 28 conference is behind us. A record-breaking investment festival full of attractions

Luc Williams

XTB WallStreet Conference 28 started on Friday, June 7 at 09:00, ended on Sunday, June 9 at 12:00. The action took place again at the Gołębiewski Hotel in Karpacz.

– It was an intense three days that were definitely worth months of preparation. WallStreet conferences grow every year and attract both regular visitors and new people interested in investing. It's great that the Polish investor community meets once a year to inspire each other, exchange knowledge and experiences and, above all, get to know each other personally. The largest investment festival in Poland is doing well and I hope that next year there will be even more of us on WallStreet – says Michał Masłowski, vice-president of the Association of Individual Investors.

The celebrations were inaugurated at the XTB WallStreet 28 Conference 25th anniversary of the Association of Individual Investors. The exact date falls in December this year, so the celebration is extended over the next 12 months, until the next WallStreet conference.

– This year's conference was special because it marked the inauguration of our 25th anniversary. I am glad that we could celebrate in such large and good company. We would like to thank all association members and partners with whom we cooperate on a daily basis. 25 years sounds proud, but I still believe that the best is yet to come. Especially since after each WallStreet we have a lot of ideas and strength to act – adds Masłowski.

Due to the birthday, SII will also use it for the next year a special version of the logo.

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Szymon Marciniak for the start

This year, the Gołębiewski Hotel in Karpacz welcomed over 1,700 participants who learned and explored various areas of investing in as many as five lecture halls. The largest of them was completely fulfilled already during the first point of the program, which was the speech Szymon Marciniak. The world's best football referee said, among others: about his beginnings (“I didn't want to be a referee at all”) and quoted a number of inspiring anecdotes from the world of football. After the lecture, there was an opportunity to take a selfie and get an autograph.

photo: press materials

Szymon Marciniak was not the only debutant at the XTB WallStreet 28 Conference. He met individual investors for the first time Tomasz Bardziowski, new president of the WSE. A report from this meeting can be found in the article: President of the WSE: I will have time for individual investors. “The image of the stock exchange needs improvement.”

The Minister of State Assets could not come to Karpacz this year, but during one of the panels, MAP Director General Ewa Weber read a special letter from the Minister Jakub Jaworowski.

Most of the XTB program of the WallStreet 28 Conference was filled with lectures and discussion panels. The speakers included leading experts of the Polish capital market.

The XTB WallStreet 28 Conference program included topics such as:

  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Passive investing
  • Investing abroad
  • Real estate
  • Polish and world economy
  • Precious metals
  • Alternative investments, including investing in art
  • Energy transformation
  • New technologies, including AI
  • ESG
  • ASI
  • Running your own business
  • Psychology of investing
  • Corporate Governance
  • Capital market law
  • Crimes in the market
  • Taxes for investors
  • Market and economic forecasts
  • New investment products
  • Practical advice on investing

The detailed program can be found at: www.wallstreet.org.pl/program

A lot of information about what was talked about at this year's WallStreet can be found at X platform (formerly Twitter) under official hashtag #WallStreet28.

Diamonds of the 25th anniversary of SII and Capital Market Heroes

During the gala on Friday, people who made special contributions to the creation of the Association and its functioning in the last quarter of a century were honored. They received the commemorative diamonds prof. Krzysztof Jajuga, Jacek Socha, Wiesław Rozłucki, Raimodno Eggink, Warsaw Stock Exchange and National Depository for Securities. They were also symbolically honored all members and past and present SII employees. The next honorees will be announced during the year.

photo: press materials

The winners of the plebiscite were also announced at the same gala Capital Market Heroes 2024. Here is the list of winners in the online voting:

  • Economic journalist: Krzysztof Kolany, Bankier.pl
  • Stock Creator: Mateusz Samołyk, Inwestomat.eu
  • Stock exchange educator: Jacek Lempart, Artur Wiśniewski, AtlasETF.pl
  • Stock analyst: Dr. Przemysław Kwiecień, XTB
  • Brokerage house: BM PKO BP, DM BOŚ, XTB (ex aequo, based on OBI 2023)
  • Listed company for the best investor relations (WIG20 and mWIG40): Kruk SA
  • Listed company for the best investor relations (outside WIG20 and mWIG40): Votum SA
  • Dividend-paying listed company (WIG20 and mWIG40): XTB SA
  • Dividend-paying listed company (outside WIG20 and mWIG40): Asseco Business Solutions SA
  • ESG listed company (WIG20 and mWIG40): PKO Bank Polski SA
  • ESG listed companies (outside WIG20 and mWIG40): Amica SA

Conversations, meetings, fairs, backstage

This year, Karpacz was also visited by a strong representation of listed companies, brokerage houses, institutions, investment companies and other entities related to broadly understood investing, whose stands were visited by investors throughout the conference.

Additionally, on Friday they took place Your Investments Fairwhich attracted over 60 exhibitors.

Traditionally, the conference was also – and perhaps above all – an opportunity to make new friends and exchange of experiences and views, not only related to investing. It happened many times that after the lecture or panel discussion ended, there was “overtime” in the lobby. In Karpacz, people who had known each other from the Internet (including a strong representation of investors active on Twitter) met in person for the first time.

Just like last year, many entrepreneurs also came to Karpacz. He was a co-organizer of the XTB WallStreet 28 Conference Entrepreneurship Club.

Sport, culture and art under Śnieżka

Man does not live by investing alone, even at WallStreet conferences. This year the program was exceptionally rich.

Let's start with sporting events. At Friday afternoon Szymon Marciniak hosted a charity match o Cup of the President of SII and the Treasury Mint, in which several dozen individual investors took part. A charity match was played on the night from Friday to Saturday basketball matchwith the participation of the multiple Polish champion Andrzej Adamek. A traditional charity event took place on Saturday run, which she led Aleksandra Guzik. On Sunday, it started coffee rideheaded by Olympic vice-champion Andrzej Sypytkowski and Maciej Bodnar, multiple Polish Champion in time trial and winner of a stage of the Tour de France.

She was also rich artistic offer. Friday's gala was honored with a concert Margaret. On Saturday, he made the participants laugh Improvisation Theater Improkracja. It took place earlier charity auctionduring which nearly half a million zlotys were collected.

Also on Saturday evening, there was a screening of a documentary film “How much per piece?” about investing in art. Discussion with the director Andrzej Miękus and producers Małgorzata Kozioł lasted until midnight!


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