A prominent university made a million-dollar investment in the south of Bogotá

Luc Williams

Investment in education is a cornerstone for the progress of any nation. It is through the knowledge and comprehensive training of its citizens that a country can reach its maximum potential. In Colombia, this principle is especially relevant, where quality education is not yet available to everyone.

Recently, an important higher education institution decided to make a multimillion-dollar investment to build one of its headquarters south of the country’s capital, with the aim of facilitating access to thousands of young people seeking training to have a better future.

This new headquarters, It has had an investment of 13,000 million pesos, it offers modern facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology. Among the featured spaces are a general mechanics workshop, an automotive diagnostic center, a chemistry laboratory, automation, robotics, physics and methods laboratories, as well as specialized areas for gastronomy, pastry and bakery.

The opening of this headquarters has been welcomed by the community, which is why An increase in enrollment is expected for the second semester of the current year.

The ECCI not only seeks to strengthen the academic training of young people, but also their comprehensive development. Therefore, the new facilities also have adequate spaces for student well-being, such as administrative offices, teachers’ rooms and recreation areas.

This expansion project is added to the recent opening of a new headquarters in Cali. With which, according to said institution, its commitment to being an agent of positive change for the country is ratified, opening doors to knowledge and opportunity for new generations and in this way contributing to the socioeconomic development of Colombia, for which it is essential the commitment to accessible and excellent education for all.


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