Are you planning to withdraw cash? A well-known bank announces difficulties

Luc Williams

We have planned important service works in the near future. They will affect the availability of some functions,” it says in the announcement ING Bank Śląski.

ING Bank Śląski – difficulties for customers on the weekend

ING Bank Śląski announces maintenance works (on the night from Saturday to Sunday, March 2/3, from 23:30 to 6:00).

During this time, customers will not be able to use, among others:

  • ATMs and cash deposit machines
  • Moje ING online banking system and its mobile version
  • ING Business online banking system and its mobile version
  • BLIK payments
  • Express transfers
  • Online payments using Płać z ING
  • Online card payments with 3DSecure, i.e. those that are additionally confirmed in the application or with a one-time SMS code
  • Automatic toll collection on highways

Problems with card handling may also occur (e.g. in the case of activation, changes in transaction limits and when assigning PIN codes).

Better withdraw cash early…

How to prepare for disruptions in banking services? “It is best to withdraw cash, make necessary transfers and purchases outside service hours,” says ING Bank Śląski in a statement.

What about the reservation of the card at the said time? If customers want to report this information on the night from Saturday to Sunday (March 2/3 – from 23:30 to 6:00), they must contact the bank's hotline.


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