Changes in subsidies from the Clean Air program. From today, subsidies only apply to heat pumps from the UTI list

Luc Williams

At the end of February this year. management National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW) adopted a resolution on changes in the anti-smog regulations “Clean Air” program. It was then decided, among other things, that subsidies for heat pumps were to be granted only for devices from the list of green devices and materials. The list is maintained by the Institute of Environmental Protection.

The decision was explained, among others, opinions of experts and the industry, who pointed out that the Polish market offers many heat pumps manufactured in Asia that do not meet the requirements and do not correspond to the technical parameters described in the description. It was pointed out that buyers of heat pumps have difficulty distinguishing high-quality devices, e.g. manufactured in Poland by a Polish manufacturer, from Chinese ones that may not meet the requirements. The fund also indicated that dishonest sellers take advantage of the funding for these devices offered by the fund.

Transitional period for completing documentation for heat pumps

Changes to the program entered into force on April 22, but in the case of heat pumps there was a transition period until June 13. Heat pump owners were to complete the necessary documentation and provide test results during this time.

From June 14, heat pumps under the “Clean Air” program will be eligible costs only if their technical parameters are confirmed. entry on the UTI list. “Ultimately, only devices for which tests delivered from an accredited laboratory located in an EU or EFTA country will confirm their technical parameters will be delivered there,” it was emphasized.

Devices with the European quality mark are only temporarily on the UTI list

The Fund indicated that companies that do not yet have accredited tests for heat pumps may, from June 14, submit an application for temporary entry on the UTI list based on the European quality mark EHPA Q, HP Keymark or Eurovent. This will enable them to be on the list, but for a period no longer than the end of December 2024. From 2025, only heat pumps with parameters confirmed by full tests carried out in an accredited laboratory located in the EU or EFTA countries will remain on the UTI list.

Wood and pellet boilers only those included on the list

In addition to heat pumps, the obligation to select from the Customer Service List also applies to wood gasification boilers of a higher standard and pellet boilers of a higher standard. “In this case, however, companies do not have to go through any new procedures, because no new documents are required for this type of devices,” explains the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

Mandatory energy audit

An important requirement to remember when choosing a heat pump with a Clean Air subsidy will be the requirement to carry out energy audit. “From June 14 this year, people who decide to install a heat pump must first perform an energy audit, which will show which heat source will be the right solution for a given building. We want the technical solutions to be adapted to the appropriate energy demand in the building, which is why It is important to prepare a good energy audit. We also provide financial support for such an audit, says Dorota Zawadzka-Stępniak, head of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. Co-financing for an energy audit from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management amounts to PLN 1.2 thousand. PLN and covers up to 100%. eligible costs. (PAP)

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